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FizzyT, October 31st, 2012

I really like this printed sweatshirt from hip London brand Religion. It comes with an awesome cartoon-y picture of a witch on the front, ribbed collar and slightly dipped hem. It’s soft and warm, made of terry cotton and the print is distressed, completed with a holey, ready worn in look.

If this isn’t the perfect jumper for Halloween trick or treating, then I don’t know what is. It would also do very nicely with super skinny leather leggings or denim for the inevitable winter partying activities that are uber necessary at this time of year. A spooky 50 quid from the wonderful ASOS.

FizzyT, October 30th, 2012

I read a lovely story in the news the other day that Katie Holmes was in a restaurant with mini me Suri and on the table next to her were a bunch of people wearing t-shirts with the respective slogans “Free Katie” “Save Suri” and (this one struck me a being a bit ironic) “Top Gun”.

Apparently, Katie kept her cool (more likely she didn’t notice as she was busy munching her nachos), and her fellow diners were so sheepish they covered up their tees, and presumably just got sweaty instead. Thus potentially adding another more palatable dimension to the atmosphere.

There must, however, be a moral to this story, the obvious being “don’t ever marry Tom Cruise”. I’m not sure if I can think of any others though. Maybe just don’t hang around in restaurants with Katie Holmes?

FizzyT, October 29th, 2012

In trying to provide as many personalised gifts as possible, it seems that some companies have drifted into uber cheese territory. Subtlety and good taste have been thrown aside in the drive to get you to fork out as much dosh as possible on romantic gifts which are sure to bring the recipient to his or her knees, begging for mercy. This particular set caught my eye and brought a lump to my throat (although it was my lunch making a reappearance).It allows you to personalise two stars with the names of you and your loved one. You get a little certificate confirming that the stars you have chosen do actually exist, even if they don’t really bear your names. Plus an A4 Star coordinates certificate and an astrology starter pack.

In terms of romantic gifts, this could be the worst £29.99 you’ve ever spent. Your girl/boyfriend, if they have half a brain, will demand you send it back and hand over the cash pronto. Unless you’re about 8, in which case, this is the perfect gift for your girlfriend, so start saving your pocket money now, dude!

FizzyT, October 28th, 2012

I was in the supermarket the other day and noticed that opposite the aisle full of Halloween tat, the Christmas gifts section is already filled to overflowing. I was utterly dismayed. I so don’t want to start thinking about Christmas before December. It’s just wrong.

Anyway, I found this mug on the Urban Outfitters mug and found it perfectly encapsulated that ‘no particular time of year’ feeling that I am experiencing currently. (I think it’s otherwise known as an aversion to Christmas and Halloween. Or aversion to supermarkets as is otherwise often the case.)

And that’s why I love this enamel moustache mug. Perfect for absolutely no occasion at all. Except for tea break, which is probably the most important time of the day all year round, not just when marketing people tell you. And at only nine pounds, far cheaper than Christmas. A winner!

FizzyT, October 27th, 2012

The new Bam catalogue just landed on the doormat, so I thought I’d have a browse through and see what there is on offer.

I like Bam, it sounds all Flintstone-y and everything is made from bamboo fibres. In terms of sustainability and high ethical standards, it totally floats my boat. Additionally, bamboo makes a very good cotton substitute; it allows the skin to breathe much more easily and is naturally antibacterial, so less sweaty than your average garment and great for sport. The fabric also has it’s own inbuilt version of a thermostat. When it’s cold it keeps you warm, and it cools you down quickly when you’re hot.

Best of all, the prices are more than reasonable. A basic men’s tee is £22.50, fantastic value for such a great product. One to try.

FizzyT, October 26th, 2012

Inspired by some of the best games around, and probably because the boss likes playing on his computer so much,we have designed a range of game clan templates for our t-shirts and hoodies. Choose from three options, Bra!nz, Battle Tank and Jungle Ops and personalise them with your own text or slogan. You can upload the design onto a selection of our t-shirts or hoodies in all manner of colours, shapes and sizes, so start personalising and play away!

(Obviously, I’m going for the zombie inspired one, but that’s just my thang, feel free to design to your little heart’s content!)

FizzyT, October 25th, 2012

I sometimes wonder why I put myself through the torment of looking at websites where I can’t afford a single measly thing, and then I realise that it’s  my job and I’m not being paid to actually buy anything. If that makes sense (unlikely). Maybe that’s why I’m always happy when I see something I really can’t afford, but wouldn’t want to anyway. Without a hint of a huff in sight.

Take this embellished t-shirt by top designers (ie I’ve never heard of them) Lela Rose. A snip at £615 from Net-a-Porter, the shoulders of this otherwise unremarkable tee are adorned with thousands of tiny but very lovely little crystals. Although from afar, to my untrained eye, it has more than a mere hint of Primark to it. Obviously for folks who have more money than sense. At least I lie secure in the divine knowledge that I have neither.

FizzyT, October 24th, 2012

A cold and cheerless October dayI find  is always rendered more enjoyable by a gander at Snorgtees, my all time favourite t-shirt website, to see what their latest t-shirt slogans may be.

And here, just in case you are in need of the t-shirt equivalent of a cup of cocoa are a few of the latest.

First up, one to tug at your heartless strings

with the kind words “The last thing I want to do is hurt you, but it’s on the list”

Then there’s always a nod to the planet kind of tee (doncha just love a bit of recycling)

And finally, where would we be without a good old zombie tee?

Are you feeling better now? You’re so welcome!

FizzyT, October 23rd, 2012

Possibly more sartorially versatile than yesterday’s offering, this Wildfox tee is just the ticket for your Halloween needs. Featuring a classic Wildfox print of a heart shaped cluster of skeletal bones, on a faded black background, this slouchy cropped shirt has the advantage of being useful for more than just one day a year. And if you’re wary of it being too short, then fear not, most people layer things to within an inch of their midriffs these days, so you don’t need to torture yourself about finishing off that last piece of cake. In fact, seeing as how it’s down from £75 to £40.50 on the lovely ASOS site, it would be scary not to!

FizzyT, October 22nd, 2012

I suddenly realised that Halloween is just around the corner and I haven’t even seen whether my pumpkin costume still fits. I haven’t actually got a pumpkin costume per se (honest) but my fave zombie tee tends to get an airing along with anything orange that’s lying around (tends to be an orange most years tbh).

Anyway, there are some much more inventive pieces of kit about this year. Urban Outfitters have totally bedazzled with a most awesome range of zombies, mummies and skeleton all in one suits. Perfect to slip on after a hard day at the office so that you’re ready to go out and scare small children and animals with the minimum of fuss and make up.

The zombie suit is so mine, I will be personalising it with a pint of blood (beer) and a few bones (peanuts) and then I will be off into the night!!!