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FizzyT, July 31st, 2012

For reasons far too intricate for this space, I am currently watching rather more of the Olympics than I might originally have planned. Weirdly, I’m enjoying it, which is totally beyond me. I don’t do sport on TV. Or off TV much either, which goes some way to explain my current immobility and thus enforced TV watching.

Having watched several Olympic-cy challenges however, I am most disconcerted to note that the formerly ridiculed Team GB kit, designed by Stella McCartney is in fact one of the best (or least hideous, depending on patriotic mentality) kits around.

Outstandingly bad is Australia…..bright yellow with a worse fit than your average orange jumpsuit. Most stylish, well obviously the Italians; it is Armani,  dahlings! But the award for the most vomit-like Olympic team kit just has to be awarded to the lovely Russians…..did they not see it from afar? The red and white is so um…. swirly…close up it looks as though it’s wrongly embracing some kind of two-tone tribal trend. From about a metre away though, it looks as though they have been hurled upon by Keith Haring. Please someone give them a medal for trying. Or sunglasses!

FizzyT, July 30th, 2012

I love this cartoon t-shirt by Phillip Lim (available from Matches for a scary £160). A fun summer number, perfect for days out to the beach. It’s got that crisp, clean feel but with a fun, retro vibe, and looks as though it is going to be the ultimate in cartoon chic (don’t laugh, it’s really going to happen!).

If you want to embrace the trend, but can’t quite bear to part with/haven’t got/ never flippin’ will have a spare hundrend and sixty quid, then you might want to try and make your own. I’m quite tempted, although my cartoon drawing leaves rather a lot to be desired. I used to draw a mean Garfield when I was at primary school though, so maybe I could do that….um……!

FizzyT, July 29th, 2012

I quite like the idea of this Topman t-shirt. Very social media inspired, the slogan “I follow nobody #original” reads like a tweet, albeit not a massively (#)original one.

Still, it does open up a wealth of tweet-like possibilities for personalised t-shirts with Twitter-esque slogans. So I’ve made a wee one of my own with what might be tweeted today, bearing in mind that the news is all Olympic-y right now.

Actually, the more I think of things, the more fun this is….have a go, you’ll be churning out twitter t-shirts like there’s no tomorrow!!

FizzyT, July 28th, 2012

I’m really going for the shape of this slouchy t-shirt by LNA. The perfect boyfriend fit, it is designed by American duo Lauren Alexander and April Leight. Their aim is to create a range of oversized, androgynous tees, and they seem to have really nailed that comfy yet stylish look.

The fabric of this number is a semi sheer Polyester and Ramie mix, and the cut is really flattering. This one comes from online retail giants ASOS and has been styled, quite marvellously with leather shorts and over the knee socks. It all looks quite city slicker, with a bit of a Miranda Kerr twist, and is a great outfit for the rather unpredictable weather we seem to be having, all the time really. ASOS always have a great range of new designers, always worth popping over for a browse when you start dozing in front of the Olympics.

FizzyT, July 27th, 2012

As the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony prepares to kick off, most of my bah humbuggness (is that a word) seems to have dissipated and has been replaced with a feeling almost akin to excitement. It probably won’t last, but for the minute I am succumbing to my almostness (that certainly isn’t a word) with a 100% official t-shirt. Probably made in cahoots with MacDonalds, but never mind that.

I do love this retro print t-shirt with a torch bearer with what must be the daintiest feet ever. Although anatomical accuracy is surely not the issue here, otherwise that bottom would be a health hazzard.

Anyway, great tee. And it’s official too, so it means if you were it then the Olympic police won’t disappear you. Don’t turn up in your pepsi tee though!

FizzyT, July 27th, 2012

With the Olympics merely a day away (apart from the football, which has already kicked off if you’ll excuse the pun), it seems as though most of the country has finally been sucked in by Olympic fever, however grudgingly.

I haven’t really been all that excited, but I did think that this photo of all the sporty men and women looked kinda sweet, in an over Stella McCartney-d kind of way. Hopefully we won’t disgrace ourselves too much, and the next photo will show them bearing a bit of bling. It would certainly brighten them up a bit!

FizzyT, July 25th, 2012

Just so as I can garner some sympathy votes, I just want to say that it’s not ever worth playing the Boss at any sport, like ever. He’s far too competitive!

I am not so good, hence today’s t-shirt. A sartorial reference to the state of my ankle post tennis match. See, even my clothes feel sorry for me. And the best thing is that wearing my pain on my t-shirt means that everyone will know that I am in agony. And not very brave!!!

FizzyT, July 24th, 2012

Online designer retailers Matches have got together with a host of renowned designers to produce a limited range of exclusive charity t-shirts to aid the Dispossessed Fund, a charity which helps fight poverty in London. The t-shirts, designed by such fashion luminaries such as Johnathan Saunders, Erdem, Mary Katrantzou and Richard Nicholl, are all based around the themes particularly prevalent this year, such as the Jubilee, the Olympics and well, probably the rain.

I love this one in particular by the almost unpronounceable (but obviously very talented) Roskanda Illincic. Each tee will only set you back £60, which is a bit of a bargain for this fantastic number (all colour blocking and peplum-y… many trends at once! And it’s for charity, so it’s ok to loosen the purse strings a little!

FizzyT, July 23rd, 2012

The boss just showed me this picture of his son having a nap in an enormous T-Shirt Studio box. Just so as you know, the box made from recycled materials, although I don’t think the same could be said of the child (who, incidentally crawled into the box of his own accord. Allegedly). So if you get a consignment of t-shirts and there is a surprise free child gift inside, rest assured, it does belong to us. Or you if you’d like to keep it. (The boss has just told me he eats a lot, so not much of a free gift really).

Anyway, since I am lacking t-shirt inspiration today, which is odd, because the weather has suddenly become awesome and people are exposing their pasty arms in droves (this does not paint a pretty picture, I’m thinking escaped spaghetti….ew!), I shall put child in box on t-shirt. Genius, huh?

FizzyT, July 22nd, 2012

In a moment of “OMG! Can he really be British” Bradley Wiggins has cycled around France and straight into the book of Great British Sporting Legends. Although actually, it’s more like a small pamphlet. Rumours of a knighthood look likely to come true and if we play our cards right, we might be able to hang onto our little burst of national pride all the way through the Olympics. We could even win a few things there as well. Maybe.

Anyway every t-shirt today has to be yellow because of Bradley Wiggins. Even though technically it’s a jersey, but who cares about a small thing like that. So here we are, something yellow. Ish. A high five on a t-shirt. Awesome.