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FizzyT, June 30th, 2012

Sometimes the sales are an excuse to spend a lot of money on something you really don’t want, need or even like. Often, what you’ve bought ends up unworn and rejected in the big bin of great fashion mistakes, never, ever to be seen again, until bundled hastily into the charity shop bag.

But (and there is always a but), just occasionally, the fashion fairies are on your side, and you will stumble across a piece of clothing so truly great, that you will be ever thankful for the big, red four letter word (that’s SALE, just in case you thought I was being rude). And this classic long sleeved white t-shirt by James Perse from Mr Porter is just such a piece.

In my very humble opinion, Perse makes some of the best t-shirts around. Beautifully soft, fantastic fit and really good quality cotton, they last for ages and are great staples. The only drawback is that each t-shirt costs about as much as a tank of petrol. Both, it has to be said, are horribly overpriced, seeing as how they are both essentials. But whilst your fuel bill is ever rising (grrrrr!!) the price of this amazing tee has been dropped by 30% to well, the price of a slightly smaller tank of fuel. So plainly a bargain. Ish.

FizzyT, June 29th, 2012

I rather like this very girly summer t-shirt by leading Canadian brand Hatley. A sweetly nostalgic retro-y print of a selection of gorgeous ice creams (check out those sprinkles!) on a buttermilk-y background, and the most child friendly slogan probably ever, proclaiming “Ice Cream for Breakfast”……oh yes! It is made from 100% cotton and features little ruche-y capped sleeves with a layered hem. This is a classic little number, and is only £11.99, so none too pricey. Now, anyone got a bit of sunshine!!!

FizzyT, June 28th, 2012

Being a researcher for a project on t-shirt smelliness doesn’t sound like the most awesome job in the world. In fact, it’s probably not all that far below banker or traffic warden (although traffic wardens are a lot more popular these days, thanks to said bankers…how kind!)

Smelly t-shirt researchers (put emphasis wherever you like here) at the University of Alberta in America have been putting a variety of t-shirts to the sniff test, to see which fabric mixes hold odour the longest, and which are ahem, the most palatable after being worn for a ten week long stretch (answer: none of them). They found that 100% cotton tees were by far the least malodorous both before and after washing, with polyester mix coming out bottom. They also discovered that antimicrobial coatings made absolutely no difference.

So, according to this v extensive sniff and tell research, the word is that 100% pure cotton wins hands down(wind) for odour control. Washing before the ten week cut off probably helps!

FizzyT, June 27th, 2012

T-shirts are just getting cleverer and cleverer. They can charge your phone, you can play games on them….. you can even wash the things!

The newest development in smart t-shirt evolution is a t-shirt fitted with  sensors to monitor a variety of illnesses. According to the description in online technology magazine Gizmag magazine, the “T-shirt features heart, respiratory and activity monitoring sensors. However, its open, modular and flexible design means the combination of sensors can also be changed to meet the specific requirements of patients, including those living with more than one disorder.The wearable part of the system is designed to work alongside external devices, such as digital weight scales, glucometers, blood pressure monitors, spirometers and even air quality sensors in the patient’s home or room. The sensors are connected to a smartphone or PDA, which then relays the information to the care provider. Finally, the patient’s data is crunched with the help of intelligent software.”

Ultimately, this could mean a dramatic change in the way patients are monitored. It would signal an end to endless trips to doctors and hospitals for check ups, and can you imagine not having to pay for NHS parking!

This is a really interesting part of the t-shirt’s evolution from being just a piece of underwear. Whatever next…..a t-shirt that washes itself?!!?

FizzyT, June 26th, 2012

Publicity for Viva Forever!, the Spice Girls inspired Musical, should have come as a bit of a bonus for the erstwhile Spicettes, what with the wads of cash they are bound to earn from it. However judging from this photo taken today (on the staircase of the newly refurbished St Pancras Renaissance  Hotel, the location for the video of Wannabe) those girls don’t look all that happy about coming together some years after their hugely successful debut way back in 1990-something.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the Spice Girl otherwise known as Posh who looks the most uncomfortable. Victoria has forged by far the most prolific career post Spice. Formerly as top WAG (aka Mrs David Beckham), and latterly as a phenomenally successful fashion designer. She kind of doesn’t need this publicity and probably wants to distance herself from her dodgy pop roots, but if she hadn’t put in a sartorially perfect appearance, everyone would’ve said she was being top grumpster again.

Seeing as how this is a t-shirt blog though, I have searched high and low (ok, I Googled a bit) for a Spice Girls t-shirt. Gosh this takes me back.  And check out Victoria’s hair….how early Wham! is that?

FizzyT, June 25th, 2012

This is the time of year when the big summer sales are starting. The sun  is out, albeit temporarily, and I have been having a bit of a sift through what there is on offer.

I love this stunning printed dress available from Matches by Richard Nicholl featuring a larger than life print by avant garde artist Linder Sterling. This is a statement piece if ever I’ve seen one. It is the most amazing number to wear at parties this summer if you want to be totally current, and yet miles ahead of everyone else. Like ever.

And if you need more proof, then check out beautiful yet tiny Kylie, working the big girl look in a Richard Nicholl crepe de chine number….a corker!

FizzyT, June 24th, 2012

Slightly struggling with the idea that this is summer sale weather. I have just made a fire and am wearing a jumper. It’s flipping freezing. The roof is leaking and looks like it might collapse under the weight of the deluge. But summer it is, and sales there are. There might even be a bit of sunshine around the corner. Maybe. HA!

If there were to be a summer, and if you felt able to feel hopeful and take advantage of the sales, then this t-shirt by Juicy Couture, available from Net a Porter has a decent 30% off. Very much showcasing the 2012 Jubilee/Olympics/er…reddish theme, this tee  will stand you in good stead for… oh at least until we all get fed up with ourselves. Plainly a bargain!

FizzyT, June 23rd, 2012

I always love a bit of matchiness, hat and gloves, collars and cuffs, skirt and shoes, that type of thing. This is a new one on me though; how about matching your t-shirt to your tent this summer? Cult menswear brand Mas-if have produced a stunning t-shirt and tent combo, perfect for festivals (let’s not talk about the weather, shall we?) featuring a never seen before print of the Stone Roses with the slogan “It’s all coming up Roses”. The tent is a two man number, and is pop-uppable, although it comes with pegs and guy ropes for those windy days. It costs a cool fifty quid, and is a definite style statement. But getting the coordinating t-shirt could just send you totally over the edge style-wise.

There is only one teeny problem I foresee. And that is if everyone buys the same tent, and there are fields and fields of them….how would you know which one is yours?

FizzyT, June 22nd, 2012

Oh dear, the weather isn’t really looking very good at the moment. Whilst the wind and the rain is heralding certain death to barbecues, you kind of have to spare a thought for those hardy festival goers who got stranded or half drowned at the Isle of Wight Festival this week.

Driving wind and rain meant that over 600 people were stuck on ferries in the Solent whilst hundreds of others were forced to sleep in their cars, stuck in traffic as the roads became impassable. Poor sods.

I was going to write a blog today about the ultimate in festival t-shirts, but that just seems mean and sadistic given the circumstances. I probably should just send over several hundred hot water bottles. But then I saw this picture of a rather muddy but joyous lass having a fantastic time despite the adversity of the great British weather, so that’s what you get today folks…..keep warm….and dry (ish)!!

FizzyT, June 21st, 2012

England seem to be doing a fine job of making their way through Euro 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine this far. And what with the Jubilee, the Olympics and the footie, could this be the year of a hat trick of great success for England?

OK, so actually the Jubilee wasn’t really a competition (although Queenie totally would’ve won if it had been), we don’t tend to win all that many football tournaments, and we might grab a few Olympic medals but seeing as how London 2012 is going to cost over 9 billion, it might be cheaper just to buy a  medal or two and save everyone a shed load of money (except Jimmy Carr, he’s pretty good at saving his own).

Seeing as our next match is to be played in Kiev (well, I think it is), I thought I would design a truly original commemorative t-shirt for fans to appreciate and drool over for years to come. I know, I’m too kind. You’re soooo welcome!