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FizzyT, April 30th, 2012

I do love a good bit of eco clothing; the more organic, environment friendly and unbleached the better. When I saw a brochure from something called BAM wining it’s way through the letterbox, I thought I might be onto a good thing.

BAM is a small but perfectly formed clothing company who sell garments made entirely of Bamboo. Bamboo, loved by pandas everywhere is also a remarkably good material for manufacturing t-shirts, vests, polo shirts and the like.

Aside from the fact that it is a very sustainable resource, bamboo is a very breathable fabric, and anti bacterial, making it ideal for sportswear. What I liked about BAM was that the prices are really reasonable, a vest top will only set you back £18 quid.

Bamboo as a fabric is getting so much more mainstream these days, and I’m quite sure it has magical powers, just look at Kung Fu Panda!

FizzyT, April 29th, 2012

It seems that bag supremos Mulberry can do no wrong at the moment. In a decidedly dodgy market, profits are soaring, and their hugely sought after items of shoulder candy are more popular than ever.

With the bag market sewn up, they have extended their fashion line to incorporate more fashionable pieces, rather than just classic British clothing.

This baseball t-shirt really embraces the pastel trend. 100% plaster pink linen with slightly contrast sleeves, this is an uber casual number which will see you right through summer. As with all Mulberry products, it doesn’t come cheap. At £160, you’d have to hold of eating for at least  a month if you want to buy it. But it might be worth it!

FizzyT, April 28th, 2012

My favourite website for new and innovative t-shirt design is Threadless, an online t-shirt community where you can upload your own t-shirt images and other people can buy your designs and slogans. There is always something that catches my eye, from amazing artwork to really clever messages and motifs.

I think this kids t-shirt has to be one of my all time winners. Entitled “How Bigfoot Staves Off Boredom”, it has the yeti like creature hiding in the middle of a forest playing with a boingey thing. Such a wonderful image!!

FizzyT, April 27th, 2012

I have just made this t-shirt for my next door neighbour’s birthday party this weekend, and thought it would be a good one to share. If you were to know my neighbour, you would know that this is a very appropriate slogan. She does like a good helping of champagne now and then. More ‘now’ than ‘then’ in fact! . All the time would be preferable.

We  have lots of new t-shirt templates for you to personalise your t-shirts, hoodies and mouse mats. This version of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan is a brilliant one for customising with messages for friends and makes an excellent birthday gift. Have a browse through our selection and take a look at our special offers whilst you’re at it. Enjoy the weekend!

FizzyT, April 26th, 2012

Sometimes I  really do feel my age. I am not up with all manner of text speak (please don’t ROFL or LOL too much on my behalf), so when confronted with this image of former reality TV-turned-Coronation Street-babe Kym Marsh sporting a printed jumper with the initials XOXO (the first X partially concealed) I felt I was being aggressively confronted with a 1980’s gravy advert.

Thus, a word of warning. If you are intending to send a subversive message via the medium of personalised clothing, make sure your that none of your important initials are obscured. Don’t want anyone thinking you are jumping on the gravy train now, do you!!!

FizzyT, April 25th, 2012

The news that US clothing company Abercrombie and Fitch are opening a store in Saville Row was reported with horror this week, with a group of well dressed toffs and toffettes protesting at the move. Abercrombie and Fitch recently hit the headlines attempting to bribe an Mike ‘the Situation’ Sorrentino, an American celeb from TV show Jersey Shore to stop wearing their clothes. This, however, is more serious news indeed.

Saville Row is popular with the upper echelons of society who can afford to pay thousands for a bespoke suit (most of the Tory party then) which takes weeks to make. A&F on the other hand churn out t-shirts and hoodies like they’re going out of fashion. For The Row to become yet another high street would be sad stuff indeed.

To my little mind, the big ironies are these; firstly that A&F offered to pay someone to stop wearing their clothes as they was devaluing their brand, however they are quite happy to devalue Saville Row. Secondly, A&F’s CEO Mike Jefferies likes nothing more than a bespoke suit costing four figures from none other than……Saville Row. As the lovely Alanis Morrisette once warbled “Isn’t it ironic, doncha think?”

FizzyT, April 24th, 2012

I love the idea of these t-shirts by Zapparel. If you hold your smartphone or iPad in front of them, it activates some kind of amazing technology, and your tee explodes into life, right in front of your very face (or phone!)

The t-shirts were only unveiled in the US last summer, and have yet to hit the UK market, but when they do, they’re sure to be the brand new gadget everyone’s talking about. Some of the t-shirts feature interactive video games and graphics, others videos and alien invasion games whilst there are guitar playing tees and the like as well.

This is going to be the t-shirt of the future, and I can’t wait to have a go on one. Keep your eyes peeled for futuristic t-shirts from, er, the future!

FizzyT, April 23rd, 2012

Threadless is one of the most fantastic sites if you’re looking for some great t-shirt ideas and inspiration. It’s also the place to go if you’ve got an amazing design you want to share. Best of all, I can have a browse through some of the amazing pieces of t-shirt design and some truly hilarious slogans all in the name of work. Hurrah!

Todays haul includes this lovely one, an interesting take on the Audrey look!

A corker, available in men’s and women’s sizes in t-shirts and vest tops. Might not go down well with everyone, but hey ho!

This is my new favourite hoodie, I particularly love the use of the zip as a piece of interactive artwork. Inspired!

FizzyT, April 22nd, 2012

Supergroup, the owners of clothing company Superdry have announced their third shock profit warning since October, it was reported this weekend. The drastic fall in sales has been blamed on lack of variety and new lines together with knock off sales and quite honestly the brand being a bit of a one trick pony.

Superdry burst onto the scene in 2004, spawned from the ashes of Cult Clothing. The casual urban-wear emblazoned with retro looking Japanese slogans was an instant hit, and everyone from Pippa Middleton to David Beckham were spotted wearing the label’s own unique brand of retro cool.

The downside for Superdry is that in the intervening years, they have become just a bit too super. Whilst the slogans and retro styling are a good look, they have become ubiquitous, and the niche is now overloaded. Unfortunately pretty much everyone can do vintage looking garments with cool writing much cheaper than Superdry.

So what next for the label? Will they shape up, or will the great British consumer hang them out to (super)dry?

FizzyT, April 21st, 2012

I really like the look of these mugs from Cox & Cox. With their own little blackboard on the side, they’re ready to personalise every time you use them. They look as thought they’d make a great gift, and at £21 for a set of two (chalk included), not a bad price for a birthday or housewarming. You can have hours of endless fun drawing on the little blackboards, and when you are finished, bung them in the dishwasher ready to start anew when they’re clean. A definite buy of the day!