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FizzyT, January 31st, 2012

Whilst Mr David Beckham is busy smouldering in his new campaign for H&M (rarely have plain white cotton undies been so appealing to young ladies), Mrs Victoria Beckham has unveiled her new collection of dresses to the rather more upmarket clientele of Harvey Nichols.

No plain white tees and vests for Mrs B. Victoria ‘Bunion’ Beckham has added another line to her hugely successful collection. Instead of the sculpted Roland Mouret style dresses that define the mainline collection, she has “designed”*  a series of patterned, printed and sculpted shift dresses, all with matching £595 price tags.

Naturally, brand Beckham will triumph, and both collections will be a complete sell out, netting the couple more mega millions. Me? I think they’re both pants.

*(I’m sorry about the inverted commas; I just can’t help feeling sorry for those design students who have slaved for years learning how to cut out patterns, when one famous footballer husband and a dodgy girlband later, VB emerges as top fashion designer, winning awards and hoiking her wares for top market prices)

FizzyT, January 30th, 2012

I rather like that ASOS is carrying over it’s sale into February, with more stuff being added. Definitely makes sense for me, as someone who finds the first few weeks of the year absolute torture, with all those bargains and no cash to spend.

This Nike t-shirt caught my eye. Naughty slogan, with Olympic undertones, is down to £14 which is the sort of bargain I like.

This is the perfect time to scour the second wind of the sales, when cash flow is slightly more than the post festive trickle. And this t-shirt will be brilliant in the summer, when everyone else is going all Olympic doolally. Bargain!

FizzyT, January 29th, 2012

Clémence Poésy, stunningly beautiful French actress and star of Birdsong  has just been unveiled as the new campaign model for Dutch denim brand G Star. Poésy is the perfect ambassador for the brand with her petite frame, wild hair and rock chick look. She has that Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradis thing going on, where she looks unbelievably delicate, but could party you under the table. An irresistible combination.

To achieve the perfect G Star look, all you need to do is wear some circulation inhibiting denim, drag your head through a hedge (preferably backwards) and pop on a nice mucky t-shirt.

This one (by G Star, coincidentally) is quite fun. Slightly flared with cap sleeves and a deep round neckline, it has the G star Raw denim branding around the neck and combines that urban feel with a very feminine cut to the tee. Also it’s a (bird?) song at only £29 from USC.

Poésy has only just begun to hit our screens, but expect to see much more of her in the future. In the meantime, check out G Star’s new model to help you release your inner Gallic urban rock chicness!

FizzyT, January 28th, 2012

My favourite British brand and major recession busters Mulberry have got bags er… the bag, as it were, but they’ve never really hit the nail on the head with their clothing or shoes, in my humble opinion. However, little by little they’re getting there, and it might well be worth your while keeping an eye out for their future collections.

I was rather taken by this military inspired polo shirt. A really good piece, with nice detailing on the pockets and epaulet shoulders that could take you right through the year.  The fabric mix is cotton and lyocel and the front buttons are a soft gold.

As much as I loved Mulberry before, I think I might love them just a wee bit more now!

FizzyT, January 27th, 2012

The Saturday’s are a girl band, and there is one who looks a bit like Sienna Miller, and that is why they are famous. The one who looks like Sienna is called Mollie King. I’m not sure if she is as annoying, but it probably comes close. Still, the Saturdays are very popular, even if noone knows what they do. When I say noone knows, I think I mean noone cares. Not true; I expect people do care, but they are little people who are under the age of about 10, which is the target audience for most pop stars these days. And yes, I am feeling very old today. I was at least 14 when I discovered U2 (I have since “undiscovered” them, you’ll be glad to know).

Anyway, I quite like this tee that young Millie or is it Mollie  is wearing with a few tears and the slogan “Dirty Blonde”. It has that dual meaning which lifts it a little out of the “girl in t-shirt” category to the upper realms of “quite nice looking girl in funny t-shirt”. I think this is progress.

FizzyT, January 26th, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld is popping up all over the shop (the best ones, naturally) at the moment. First there was a line in New York for Macy’s, and now his eponymous Karl label has been released in Europe. Net-a-Porter has an amazing interview of him, being interviewed by himself, which almost makes me wonder if he has a sense of humour. But surely not, I must be mistaken. It’s been a tough day.

The pieces that make up the collection are pretty racy. Lots of faux leather and biker chic, together with little Karl-like touches, such as some big collars and fingerless leather gloves. And of course the t-shirts, bags and other whatnots with little Karls printed on them.

I rather like this t-shirt with the silhouette of the designer. It’s very Karl. And very, um Very. I expect we’ll all be wearing them before ling, like the minions of Karl that we surely all are.

FizzyT, January 25th, 2012

Big news today is that Mickey Mouse has hijacked Joy Division’s beautiful (if a little weird) artwork from their  “Unknown Pleasures” album. Naughty little rodent. Anyway, Joy Division purists are up in arms at the alleged theft at the pinching of their special wiggly lines, and drummer Stephen Morris has weighed into the argument saying “I was quite angry when I first saw it. No one asked us. They’re trading off the band and our album cover. I don’t like the design at all. It’s horrible.” And indeed he has a point. What’s Mickey doing looking all pimply?

Originally, the blurb on the Disney tee gave reference to it’s inspiration, stating that”…..inspired by the iconic sleeve of Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ album, this Waves Mickey Mouse Tee incorporates Mickey’s image within the graphic of the pulse of a star. That’s appropriate given few stars have made bigger waves than Mickey!”  however, this  has now been removed from the website, as too many grumpy fans complained, presumably. And maybe they thought it would be better all round if they didn’t draw attention to the ripped  offness of the design.

The t-shirts have now sold out, making Disney very joyful indeed. They might be taking the Mickey is it a joyful decision?

FizzyT, January 24th, 2012

Completely nailing the pastel and print trend, at mega affordable prices is Lavish Alice, with a brilliant selection of prints and patterns. The fruit print vest is a direct descendant of Dolce and Gabanna’s summer range, whilst the little bird print vest is perfectly Prada.

Wonderfully, the prices are almost teeny, with £20 for each of these little beauties. Just enough to pop on with jeans to embrace this season’s trend without feeling as though your bank manager is personally going to come round and squeeze every last drop out of you.

FizzyT, January 23rd, 2012

I love the concept of Threadless. Threadless is a design community, where t-shirt designs are submitted online by a whole stack of different people. You can then give the designs a score, and buy them!

I really like this penguin design, with a lovely Star Wars-y feel to it. With the title “Emperor” and a penguin (an emperor one presumably) it’s just the right side of cool and quirky.

From the space age, to the totally ridiculous, this parody of the Occupy movement made me chuckle too.

Well worth taking a look if you want to see some amazing designs. You might even be inspired to do a bit of designing too. Perfect soggy January fodder!

FizzyT, January 22nd, 2012

French t-shirt design company Zoe Tees was founded in 2004 in Paris by creative director Laure Pariente as a sartorial reaction to the t-shirts she saw around her. She wanted to create flattering basics, with elegant lines and a quality feel to the garments.

The range is now sold globally, and is fast becomming a cult label with online shops including Net-a-Porter, and ASOS.

I rather like this ‘Love’ t-shirt. With a huge print, and an unfinished neckline, a lovely drapey feel, and a really comfortable look, it’s sure to be a sell out.

ZoeTees has a feel to it that is a bit like Wildfox Couture but more understated. Hugely popular nonetheless and well worth keeping an eye out for them in the sales. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, there is a little bit of a downside. They don’t come cheap, with the little number opposite retailing for £92. Far too much, in my opinion, for a t-shirt, but the prices do go right down in the sales, so you can snap them up a lot cheaper if you shop around. ASOS have some brilliant bargains, but it’s so easy to get distracted by all the other stuff on there, you start to lose track of time. Anyway, there you have it. ZoeTees….great in sales!