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FizzyT, December 31st, 2011

Whether it be fireworks and banging (that’ll be the head the next day), or an early night with a nice quiet book and a cup of cocoa, have a wonderfully happy new year from all of us at T-shirt Studio. And what a year an amazing year it’s been. Well, ish. Riots, Nick Clegg and Kim Kardashian’s short-lived wedding have kept us despairing of the planet’s future. And we already have an idea of what will keep us entertained next. The 2012 Oympics, Jeremy Clarkson causing extreme outrage amongst people who never watch him on the telly, and more celeb marriages that last about as long as a piece of chewing gum. Hey ho! Well, here’s to the first t-shirt of 2012, the first of very many. Hic!

FizzyT, December 30th, 2011

After reading somewhere in the paper that most of the sales shoppers were from far away lands and were thus not paying any VAT on their shopping, I thought I might invoke a bit of the Lord Kitchener spirit and make a t-shirt inviting shoppers to spend a bit more, just to bolster the economy a bit. Not that it needs it. It’s all fine, dandy and about to dance a jig. Honest. But just in case, y’know……

FizzyT, December 29th, 2011

This is a lovely t-shirt, nothing to do with my slightly unhinged post Christmas mentality. At all. Honest. Although I am suffering badly from post Christmas come down and am beset by lovely sales on all sides, and no money anywhere. It is doing my little head in, and I almost can’t wait for things to get back to normal.

Anyway, this is a lovely t-shirt, as I was saying. It is by Denham and down to half price at A really stark and highly interesting  monochrome print on a lovely 100% cotton tee with a slightly longer back. Unless your bank manager is as tight as mine (huff), then you really can’t say no to this at a mere £19. A total snip!

FizzyT, December 28th, 2011

Leather trousers were the supermodel off duty staple this year. Combined  t-shirt in varying shades of white, the likes of genetic miracle Miranda Kerr (sparkling and stunning), and cheekbone-tastic Kate Moss (grubby yet sexy) exhibited the versatility of the sweaty sartorial uberpants.

If you have never eaten three bags of crisps for breakfast, and have legs at least up to your armpits, and have an income with plenty of zeros behind and not in front, then leather trousers will look amazing; just pop on a tee and off you go. Otherwise, if you dare to be a mere mortal and don the leather, then you will get what you deserve, and look like a hairy biker. And probably get some chafing as well.

If you are the former, with supermodel limbs and corresponding budget, then Net-a-Porter’s fabulous sale has the most divine skinny leather pants, well worth a look. If you’re not rich, tall and thin, then go back to your crisp packet and be comforted that even supermodels are bound to bung them in a hot wash and utterly ruin them.

FizzyT, December 27th, 2011

I’ve been having a little sneaky look around the online sales. I’m still far to stuffed to actually walk around any shops, let along barge through great  throngs of shoppers who have been cooped up for three days and are raring to go a bargain-ing. Net a Porter and sister site (or is that brother?) Mr Porter are possibly my favourite places for window shopping, so when things get somewhere close to affordable I am constantly chanting a little mantra reminding me of how poor I am after Christmas. I have to forcibly restrain myself from clicking on the add to basket button as I see picture upon thumbnail of things I simply MUST have. James Perse t-shirts, an absolute bargain, and such great quality. I can’t just get one, need more so they will see me through the year. Ought to start buying next year’s Christmas presents; could make a whole present cupboard with handy items that are ready to go and save myself a fortune in the coming months. D&G t-shirts, definitely must stock up on those before they dissolve that side of their label forever so that they can pay their taxes. Aubin and Wills tees a steal at under twenty quid. And the list goes on. But no. I must resist, as my bank account is still groaning under the weight of Christmas and I’m not even allowed to go food shopping until January. Leftovers are so so boring. The cold turkey is not just on my plate. It is also my shopping habit. Surely I must be able to squeeze one little McQueen tee in there……….pleeeeaseeeeee!!!!!

FizzyT, December 26th, 2011

The sales are making me a bit dizzy already to be honest. Everyone is offering everything at a fraction of the price you just paid a few days ago when you bought the same things as Christmas presents. The best bit about sales is when you save a few quid on something you already wanted, and not something you will never ever use.

I always think it’s a great time to stock up on basics, hence my choice of a Jack Wills tee for today. Jack Wills does a lovely line in branded tees, although I only think they’re worth buying when you’re not paying full whack.

So, take a look around and see if you can snap up the odd bargain or two, or three, or four…….

FizzyT, December 25th, 2011

Hopefully, you will have survived Christmas much as I have…with extra padding to get you through the new year. Happily, I am full of presents, brussels sprouts and stuffed to within an inch of my waistline, thus I’m not expecting to achieve much more today, and the Zzzzz’s are looming.

The T-shirt Studio team is having a rare day off and revelling in the Christmas Spirit. Armed with festive t-shirts and personalised gifts, they have been Santa’s little helpers and are now having a well earned Yuletide rest.

A Merry Christmas one and all, and I hope your presents were as good as mine!!!

FizzyT, December 24th, 2011

Christmas is a looming and it the turkey isn’t stuffed by now then you will be. I love to be prepared in the manner of Delia, Nigella or even (though it pains me to say it) Jamie, so that Christmas Eve is a relaxed and enjoyable time, without too many last minute panics, like who bought the brussel sprouts and did everyone know that Aunty X is allergic to cloves, stuffing and absolutely everything else that is going on the table.

For the actual culinary pinacle that is shoving the turkey into the oven and wedging the door shut with a chair, I like to don the Christmas t-shirt. It’s one of those traditions which started one year when I realised I didn’t have an apron, and has become a bit of a thing. The Christmas tee changes every year, but carries the same sentiment; don’t mess with the turkey chef. I feel it sends a definite message at this festive time, and tells people, politely (ok I’ve censored it) to Back. Right. Off.

FizzyT, December 23rd, 2011

The sales have started and shoppers are buzzing around like a host of demented bees in the hope of getting a pre Christmas bargain. So it’s time to have a little look around at those things you always want, but can’t afford until a big chunk has been knocked off the price. I love this t-shirt by the wonderful Elvis Jesus, available from ASOS for the reduced price of £54 (from £90). Featuring a relaxed round neck with a huge and gorgeous piece of embroidery on the front, this is one tee you will want to own for ever.

FizzyT, December 22nd, 2011

I love these t-shirts by  Tourne de Transmission, a whole new take on the slogan genre. The t-shirts are montages of slogan and artwork, inspired by the layout of panels in  old newspapers, or plates in ancient books. The designs come courtesy of UK designer and PR expert Graeme Gaughan, and are making waves in the fashion world due to their sharp lines, air of mystique and arty black and whiteness. The letters MMX incorporated into the logo are Roman numerals for the year 2010, when the brand was created. A label to watch.