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FizzyT, October 21st, 2011

Bella Italia!

The wild, bold and colourful prints of Versace tend to be associated with the brash and flash of Hollywood (remember J Lo in that green dress?), and the vivacity of Italy. The price tag, however, means that it is beyond the drab of the mere mortal. Now, everybody gets the chance to have a bit the Italian fashion house, as it previews the range compiled for H&M. H&M have been responsible for some astounding collaborations, like last year’s mega hit with Lanvin, and some real turkeys, like Madonna’s hideous range. Versace looks set to be one of the hits. The bold and beautiful takes over and there are some amazing prints and colours, along with the signature motifs, cuts and fabrics. Expect the influence to carry on down the high street as well, as everyone goes Versace crazy. The range goes on sale on the November 17th , so start queueing now. Right now!

FizzyT, October 20th, 2011

S is for Snakeskin!

If you thought it was all about leopard print, you were way behind the times, honey. In fact fashion is going wild about ALL any kind of animal right now. Zebra, snake, cheetah and giraffe are making their presence known, and leopard is no longer the coolest cat in town.

The discerning fashionista avoids too much of one thing, and settles for accessories or printed shirts or t-shirts. All over animal print is great for night time, but needs to be toned down a little in the daytime to avoid your inner Bet Lynch taking over completely. I do love a good jungle themed printed t-shirt, which fits the fashion bill perfectly, and lets your inner animal out, without you looking too much like wrapping paper.

Take a look at this tank top by Michael Kors diffusion line Michael, available from Net-a-Porter for a slithering £110. A lovely snakey affair, but a tad pricey so use more as a wonderful inspiration for all kinds of snakeskin prints.

FizzyT, October 19th, 2011

Slutty Barbie!

I remember covering my sister’s dancing Barbie with blue felt tip drawings when I was little (and receiving a spectacular bashing and thrashing for it too), so seeing this amazing tattoo-d Barbie wearing the latest in leopardskin leggings and printed jumper is the ultimate in sartorial vindication. Slutty Barbie is totally rocking, I love how she is the eptiome of the modern bad girl chic. Pastel pink and perfectly bobbed hair, Wildfox Couture  jumper featuring heart and crossbones which is the brand’s motif. this all teamed with the amount of tats that would make David Beckham blush, sky high heels and a little cactus thing called Bastardino. How cool is that?

Slutty Barbie is made by Japanese inspired company Tokidoki, and although she might not be to everyone’s taste, I think she’s a big improvement on the pink and insipid Barbie of old. Although drawing on her was fun!

FizzyT, October 18th, 2011

Thin Lippy Lizzy!

The buzz surrounding Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ has been fast and furious. A phenomenon of the internet age, del Rey is all sultry vocals, home made vids and bee stung lips. Her performance last week on Jools Holland proved her voice really is that gorgeous. But what’s really fascinating is the controversy surrounding her. Before she was a Julia Roberts look-alike, cooler than cool, with the baddest attitude since young Angelina (with her phials of Billy Bob’s blood), she was called Lizzy Grant, with blond hair and OMG……thin lips.

Allegedly she was dreamed up by marketing men, who had a job lot of collagen on their hands. The Lizzie Grant thing epically failed, so they rebranded her and just like a Marathon bar, she came back as Snickers, all American and nutty. But should this provoke such an outcry? Every, but every popstar gets a makeover as soon as they get famous….., even Shane MacGowan got his teeth done eventually (well, what was left of them). Lady GaGa and Madonna just go on reinventing themselves. Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, Boyzone, every X Factor winner has been manufactured by millionaire marketing moguls. In a mass market where sound and image are so closely intertwined, I’d rather listen to Lana del Rey than a whole lot of other people. But wherever you stand, you won’t be able to avoid her, lips and all. You might even get sucked in!

FizzyT, October 17th, 2011

E.Vil and Sparkly!

I tend to think that rhinestones and diamante have had a bit of bad press, what with being Katie Price’s bling of choice and the staple of hen night decoration. However, I love how it’s going in a whole new and much darker direction courtesy of the amazing designers Queen of E.vil. Taking a look at their autumn/winter 2011 range I can see beautifully styled tees, jackets and sweaters with the most amazing slogans and diamante prints. Lots of urban themes; McQueen-y skull motifs abound, and the naughtiest of glittery slogans, all complete with smeary slutty make-up. I’m totally inspired, and need to go and do another bling thing. Take a look, and go and have a diamante moment. Or two.

FizzyT, October 16th, 2011

Two trend, two tone!

Yesterday I was extolling the virtues of all things 1920’s, today I’m going for a bit of a contrast sleeve thing. In the Guardian’s fashion pages this weekend, fashion editor Jess Cartner-Morley is to be found demonstrating the growing trend for contrast sleeves. Typically a sportswear thing, the contrast sleeve is becoming a whole fashion statement in it’s own right, especially on outerwear. Ever keen to prove we practically invented the bandwagon that jaded fashionistas are jumping on, I’d like to point out the virtues of our long sleeve baseball t-shirts. Available in four contrasting sleeve/body colours, the baseball sleeve lets you embrace a trend and then some by personalising it. And the price is a lot more reasonable than the whopping £675 DKNY jacket sported by the lovely Cartner Morley. Let rip with your fashion credentials and go two-trend-two-tone- tastic!

FizzyT, October 15th, 2011

Everything’s fashion-wise is going a bit 20’s at the moment. Spring summer fashion for next year is all the flapper look, the Baz Luhrman  take on the Great Gatsby is currently filming in Australia, and hair make up is glossy bobs and red, red lips. Fashion does tend to go around come back again, but this is such a wonderful trend, and you can spot it a mile off.

Bather Girls

Take a look at this exquisite printed jumper by Richard Nicholl, available from Matches. A stunning piece of work, and a must in every fashionista’s wardrobe. It features a delicate vintage print of two young girls bathing, partially obscured by a rose. The fabric mix is 70% silk and 30% cashmere, so total luxury and a really fantastic mix for displaying the image. This is going to be on every girl’s wish list for Christmas, but with a price tag of £660, only the few are going to get lucky.

If your budget is a little less flexible, then now is the time to print your own t-shirt with a 1920’s theme. Photo images on fabric are so popular right now, you can really master the trend for a fraction of the price. Have a go and be a happy flapper.

FizzyT, October 14th, 2011

Big Feet?

ometimes a t-shirt comes along that is just like a piece of art. This amazing Bigfoot t-shirt by American designer Adam Kimmel is one of them. With the image spread over the whole of the t-shirt, it looks more like a canvas than a piece of clothing. The best thing about it, is that the forest print goes all around the t-shirt, which makes it look a bit like a 360 degree painting: totally amazing. To achieve this effect, the t-shirt is printed first, and then sewn together, quite a faffy procedure, thus the price is not the most attractive (170 quid from Browns …eek!). But if you want a t-shirt that is quite possibly the most beautiful thing ever, then give this one a go. And watch out for what Adam Kimmel does next, today Bigfoot t-shirt , tomorrow Yeti pants?

FizzyT, October 13th, 2011

The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE as it’s also known) has become one of the most successful shows on the television. Part fly on the wall docu-soap but with situation guidelines, it’s one of those show which blurs the lines between fiction and reality.

With the BAFTA winning programme spawning new and wonderfully orange slebs, it’s no wonder that the merchandising is starting to be produced in time for Christmas. The first to turn designer is Nicola Goodger, who stars in the show with her sister Lauren. First off, she’s producing a range of t-shirts with slogans inspired by the characters on the show. I quite like this for an idea. Slogans such as “My heart belongs to Essex, but the rest of me is up for grabs” are great in an ironic way. I might get one for the boss!

FizzyT, October 12th, 2011

P......P......erfect P......P.....enguin!

What with p….p….p….p…prints being really big business this winter, especially the quirky ones,  this beautiful penguin print shirt by Charlotte Taylor is perfectly in line with every major trend. Beautifully make from 100% silk, the two tone fabric covered buttons are gorgeous, and the whole detail is divine. This has  got to be one of the nicest pieces around, from an emerging designer who has worked with Luella and Marcus Constable, and looks set to go far. The best thing about this shirt though is that it reminds me of a childhood lunchbox favourite. I have been p….p…p…p..penguining all day.