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FizzyT, October 31st, 2011

No Bing Wing!!!

Body sculpting underwear, vests and t-shirts are nothing new, although mostly they concentrate on providing support for the torso and thighs and bottom. Many a sagging derriere has been lifted into prepubescent pertness by a nice pair of Spanx or the like.

Now, the enigmatic George (has anyone ever seen him?) at ASDA has focussed attention on the bingo wing. Possibly the most patronising term ever, the bingo wing refers to a certain slackness in the underarm or tricep region. Women are less muscular in the chest and arms than men, and suffer more extensive bagginess. Hence the bingo wing, so called because the slackness is made more apparent  when the arm is being held aloft and waved. Like at bingo, for instance.

But the bing is to be no more! The three quarter length sleeve of the “Thingo” is being heralded as the solution to the wing of bing. An arm sculpting t-shirt costing only £9, which could revolutionise the modern underarm. A spokesperson for ASDA says “I’m sure customers will be flabbergasted with the results” Or should that be “blubbergasted”?

FizzyT, October 30th, 2011


As Autumn closes in, and it gets darker earlier (yip, forgot the clock change again and got completely muddled), it’s time to roll out those long sleeved t-shirts and go for a bit of extra warmth. As much as I like layering, a really good warm cotton t-shirt is always a good staple. Norse Projects is a fantastic Danish brand founded in Copenhagen by Anton Juul and Mikkel Gronnebaek, making outdoorsy staples with a  lovely Scandinavian feel. And manufactured in Europe, so totally Eurozone friendly!

I love this t-shirt with a bit of a Breton feel. Made from 100% cotton with a round crew neck and stripes in the middle, there’s nothing not to love about this long sleeved tee. It’s not even that expensive (£65 on the Liberty website), so a definite must for this autumn. Really good just with denim; scarf, hat and gloves to be added as needed. Well, and shoes of course. So, time to go Norse for winter, you know you want to.

FizzyT, October 29th, 2011

No, it's a ring pull!

I love the Eden Project, a large scale piece of bubble wrap full of sustainable, compostable and tropical living. The rejuvenation of an old quarry into a space age environmental extravaganza is wonderful, commendable and hugely inspirational. Which reminds me, I really must get on with that leaf mould.

The Eden project is a very educational day out (for one thing, you learn to take lots of layers; from ice skating to the tropics….one layer is never enough!)). And the recycled fashion in the shop is something else. All the t-shirts are organic and made from sustainable cotton and the bags and jewellery are made from all sorts of amazing things. Take a look at this bag made entirely from ring pulls. A really good and ethical Christmas present for teenagers, who are into bags, and could probably provide the ring pulls themselves.

The bag (and with it accompanying accessories like coin purse) are made in Brazil in a project which provides trade for community and reuses materials which would otherwise have gone into landfill.

Even if you can’t easily get to down south, check out the website for some great organic and environmentally friendly Christmas gift ideas. Me? I’m just happy with bubble wrap!

FizzyT, October 28th, 2011

So, if wearing a simple zombie t-shirt isn’t enough for you, but you’re not a dab hand at the sewing machine, or you haven’t got any white sheets hanging around, then you need to find yourself a great Halloween costume. Along with the usual pumpkins, zombies and witches, there are some corkers about. I love this Edward Scissorhands suit

made with faux suede and vinyl sleeves, £24 from Or this brilliant headless butler costume, a great novelty, but not such a snip at £67.99

And if you want to go the whole hog, then dress up the dog too,

yeah, really, really scary!

FizzyT, October 27th, 2011

Zombie Tee!

This year, Halloween is on Monday night, and no end of people will be dressing up as totally non scary beings and scoffing half their body weight in sweets. Apparently, Halloween is now a bigger earner than Christmas which really is pretty scary.

I am rather partial to the zombie look, in fact it’s adopted most Monday mornings, so I’m well equipped for  Halloween. This is a lovely t-shirt from my favourite Snorgtees. Adaptable to everyday zombie-wear, and especially nice for Halloween, if you don’t want to make too much effort, but just give a nod to the undead.

FizzyT, October 26th, 2011

Diamond Tee-zer!

There’s a lot of  patterns about at the moment; polka dots a la Stella McCartney are a must, stars are everywhere and of course there’s the odd diamond or two. I love this t-shirt with printed diamonds alongside laser-cut out ones by Ksubi, available at Net-a-Porter. Very rock chic-y and with the diamonds being nicely cut out with the laser, it doesn’t looks like someone’s had a scissor frenzy or you have a major moth problem. A great way to go if you want to showcase a trend without falling into the treacherous quagmire of fashion victimsville. buy….or be very good at cutting out!

FizzyT, October 25th, 2011

I love a full face of hair, the curlier and the more mutton choppy the better. And entering the newly termed month of Movember, all gents will be able to grow a silky, fluffy or even bushy protrusion of facial hair with the express aim of raising awareness and funds for two of the leading men’s cancers, prostrate and testicular.

Anyone capable of growing  a beard should register their cleanly shaven faces on the first of November at, and then toss away their razor for the rest of the month and see what what fine facial fluffiness emerges. The hope is that through a fair bit of sponsorship men’s charities will get some desperately needed support. And men everywhere will resdiscover the marvel of the moustache, the beauty of the beard and the greatness of the goatee……I can hardly wait!

FizzyT, October 24th, 2011

Hooray Hooray, it's National X Factor Day!

If you hadn’t had enough of the X Factor by now (and honestly if that’s the case, you really should think about getting out a bit more) then X Factor day might be just what you need. A celebration of the long running singing competition and reality show, National X Factor Day intends to raise money for charity (but not the Simon Cowell fund, you’ll be relieved to hear). Through the sale of special X Factor Day t-shirts with the slogan “The Monster Hit Just Got Bigger”  which promises to donate £3.00 of the profits to good causes, or by getting people to hold their very own X Factor auditions and coughing up some dosh, X Factor Day looks set to be extremely popular. Hilariously, it’s on October 31st, the same day as Halloween, so instead of trick or treating, you might find people singing at you and then demanding cash. Actually it’s quite appropriate it’s on Halloween, as that’s kind of what happens anyway!

So, if you’ve not had it up to the eyeballs with dodgy auditions, terrible singing, and all round X Factor mania, maybe this special day is just for you!

FizzyT, October 23rd, 2011

Not that I’m very good at my football teams, but I have just about grasped that Manchester United have been trashed by Manchester City at Old Trafford. This, apparently is a BIG DEAL and deserves much coverage and applause.

I would have completely missed it but for a photograph of Mario Balotelli in mid long sleeeved t-shirt removal on the front page of the Guardian website, which prompted me to take a look and expand my football knowledge by about 100%. Balotelli’s shirt reads “Why always me?” and is one of those numbers that is practically begging to be put on the sports pages.

Take a look at our long sleeved tees, still only £16 in our Indian Summer sale. Even a Premiership footballer should be able to afford that!

FizzyT, October 22nd, 2011

London Calling!

Everything just has to be British at the moment, and that’s just how it is, so don’t even try to disagree. What with the 2012 Olympics just around the corner, celebrating the best of our culture (and conveniently ignoring the odd riot) is the way to go. I love this cushion featuring the Great British Stamp and Phonebox from department store stalwart BHS, priced at £18.00. Nice embroidery and lovely hues of grey and red, this is a fantastic furniture accessory, and would make a fabulous gift (there’s a lovely London bus cushion too, if you wanted to make a set). The look is very Jan Constantine, but the price is much more palatable. And what with the price of postage going ever upwards, it’ll probably soon cost about as much as a first class stamp does anyway!