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FizzyT, September 30th, 2011

For Dry Man!

Heard the one about the shirt that hides sweat patches and stops bad underarm-y smells? It sounds as thought it might be a bit of an April Fool’s number, but apparently it’s for real. Interlocking weave traps wet and smelly stuff, and spreads it over a large surface area, so it can evaporate quickly, leaving armpits dry and whiff free all day long. the FreshMax shirt costs around 50 quid, a bargain if you’re one of the sweaty brigade, and is 100% cotton. If you are having a busy rushing around day, this could be the shirt for you. Or you could just cut out little armpit holes in your ordinary shirt. Maybe.

FizzyT, September 29th, 2011

Cuppa tea, custard cream and a nice little chat

Taking personalising one step further is this talking mug available from Well, the mug itself doesn’t say much, but you record a message onto it, which it plays every time it is picked up. I think this is a genius idea, and well worth investing in for (I hate to think of it in this weather) Christmas presents. Think of all the fun you can have, recording really annoying messages onto mugs for friends. You can rerecord the message any time you like, which might be handy if someone says something just a little bit too rude. Favourite phrases so far “Put me down”, “what ANOTHER tea break?” and “Help, help I’m being stolen!”. At only £9.99 this could be hours and hours of fun. And if you like this, you’re going to love the talking loo roll……

FizzyT, September 28th, 2011

It's the 'Tache Man!

Still having a bit of a sad moment about the demise of Dolce and Gabanna’s cheap(er) offshoot, D&G. their funky take on Italian fashion is to be cut off in it’s glitzy prime; very disappointing indeed.

In the meantime, here is one of their very lovely t-shirts with a print of dapper chapper  Bryan Ferry on the front. An absolute bargain (?) at £125 from lovely menswear site Mr Porter. Ferry, himself a muse for the Italian due is shown on an album cover her with a really dodgy moustache, that looks a bit like he’s channelling Freddie Mercury. Still, retro’s what it’s all about at the mo!

FizzyT, September 27th, 2011

One of my abounding memories at school was a farmer’s daughter who used to take a lucky cow’s wart into exams as a quirky mascot thing. Everyone in the class was mightily repulsed, although she did end up going to Cambridge, so it was obviously a good mascot. Reading about a dress embellished with 3,000 cow and yak nipples by designer Rachel Freire, reminded brought the wart right back. I think I lost a little bit of my lunch during the thought process.

Designer Friere maintains that her nipply dress is a prime example of recycling, and to be fair, she has a point. We wear hats, shoes and gloves made of leather. And more besides. But wearing nipples seems a bit um….personal.

However, just in case you want a taste of the high fashion market, I have placed a lovely udder on a t-shirt. Somehow it seems kinder than the real thing, but that’s only my opinion. You might have an udder!

FizzyT, September 26th, 2011

Drink & Go!

This week came the sad, bad news that Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna are closing their hugely popular, highly flamboyant D&G clothing line. Founded in 1994, nine years after Dolce and Gabanna founded their eponymous fashion house. D&G is the line that makes branded t-shirts, blingey belts and that colourful Italian style that the rest of the world craves. Whether it’s down to Italy’s financial situation, or the duos own little one billion dollar tax problems (oops!), D&G will be sorely missed.

I love this coca cola longer length tank top by D&G, available from Net-a-Porter. As the description on the website says, “Slogan tops have never been hotter”, so it is evidently quite true (Net-a-Porter is always right). Time to lay your hands on everything Dolce & Gabanna before it’s done & gone. Forever

FizzyT, September 25th, 2011

Up until recently, Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts had sort of faded into the background amidst the rising stars of Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding. Even Kimberley Walsh had made her name as the nice one who smiles a lot.

But Nicola is now busy having the last laugh. No longer the pale ginger one, who’s just there to make up numbers, she is fast becoming a fashionista to be reckoned with, and solo artist to boot. Here she is wearing my absolute favourite Markus Lupfer t-shirt with the famous Lara Stone lips. This gorgeous number is available from Net-a-Porter, fashion mecca and drain of funds, for a mere 95 quid. Forget Cheryl, Nicola’s the girl who’s allowed now!

FizzyT, September 24th, 2011

Split. Splat. Splot.

The news that Starbucks are releasing a series of pre coffee-splatted t-shirts met me with great amusement. This is what happens to me on a daily basis running around with my morning coffee. Honestly I think I need a bib sometimes. This t-shirt would be perfect for me.  Although no-one would notice the difference, and just think that my coffee had dried that way.

However, if you want to celebrate coffee and Starbucks itself, then go for one of these.  With designs by the likes of Alexander Wang, it’ll be a couture splat, instead of just an everyday splat, which is what I seem to achieve.

FizzyT, September 23rd, 2011

Find a friend!

You know when kids leave school, or big kids leave uni or their job, and they get all their friends to sign their t-shirt? Well just imagine, if you haven’t any friends, then you can buy this t-shirt from Balmain and look as though you have!

Originally priced at over 600 pounds, this very easy to replicate tee is now going for a third of that at fantastic bargain site “The Outnet”.

To be fair, the t-shirt is a beautiful shape, and high quality 100% cotton jersey. But maybe  buying yourself the odd friend to sign your t-shirt, and a set of felt tips to go with it might be a tad cheaper. Just a thought?

FizzyT, September 22nd, 2011

The End of the World as We Know It

R.E.M.’s “Everybody hurts” is pretty much the chief anthem for angst ridden teenagers. Luckily it’s counteracted by “Shiny Happy People” a jump around and dance on the table song. The news that R.E.M. have announced their split came yesterday along with the sage words of Michael Stipes that “A wise man once said ‘The skill in attending a party is knowing when it’s time to leave” What with all the ageing rockers around doing comeback tour upon comeback tour, saving the rainforest and frolicking with teenagers when they’re as wrinkly as Nora Batty’s stockings, this strikes me as a remarkably dignified exit. Unless they’re planning a reunion tour.

Music-wise, I can’t actually recall anything after “Automatic for the People”, hence today’s tribute t-shirt is probably what you’d consider to be vintage. So RIP REM, long may you live off your royalties.

FizzyT, September 21st, 2011

The trend for intricate prints shows no sign of abating. In fact, it seems to be growing more and more. Personally I love this, it gives fashion so much more to play with than just plain old neutrals and blacks. Lily Cole, she of intense brain, was snapped looking particularly amazing in a dress by Giles at the Toronto film festival. The dress is an all over print, inspired by a painting called The Execution of Lady Jane Grey by Paul Delaroche. The face of Lady Jane Grey is half covered with a blindfold, but the lower half is visible, and works so perfectly on Lily because she has exactly the same shaped mouth as the girl in the picture.

Although Giles might not be for everybody (the price being rather off-putting for a start) the great news is that using our hi tech printing processes on 100% cotton t-shirts, you can experiment with imaging on fabric yourself. Here’s the same picture on a t-shirt. I haven’t enlarged the face, but if you did, you would have pretty much the same effect as Lily, albeit on a smaller scale. Just need to become a supermodel, actress and get a first from Cambridge and you could be twins!