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FizzyT, July 31st, 2011

Can there be a single person in the entire country who wasn’t forced to read “Of Mice and Men” when they were at school? The American classic was considered so flipping classic that it was on GCSE reading lists for longer than I care to remember. Still, in terms of great contemporary literature, it’s up there with the best. And what about “Lord of the Flies”, “To Kill a Mockingbird” (aka, that book that Victoria Beckham got a name from), and “Catcher in the Rye”, possibly the most explosive book about teenage angst. Like EVER.

All of these greats, and many more, are threatening to become things of the past, with the odd dusty copy sitting on the bookshelf, if technology has its way. Now that more and more books being produced electronically, has the paperback had it’s day?An amazing t-shirt design company have had the most fabulous idea of putting the front covers of some of the most important works ever to be written onto t-shirts. Using the original or out of print artwork for books like “The Great Gatsby”, “Lolita” and “1984”, design heroes Out of Print have transferred some amazing front covers onto canvas (well, cotton) to be loved and worn in like your favourite book. Not only are they making some of the coolest t-shirts in town, but for every t-shirt sold they will donate a book to a community with limited resources via their partner, Books in Africa. I love every single one of these t-shirts, but what I need to do right now is dig out my well worn copy of Catch 22 and sit in a corner reading for a couple of hours.

FizzyT, July 30th, 2011

Markus Lupfer is one of the most exciting designers to come out of Germany for a long while. Whilst Karl Lagerfeld has kept Chanel at the top of the field, Lupfer keeps hopping over the fence and breaking into pastures new.

Lupfer’s t-shirt prints are amongst my favourite ever and this a particular stunner. Available from Net-a-Porter, it’s a smashing tribute to Lara Stone, her of the luscious lips and Bardo-esque pout, this has to be THE t-shirt for the summer, or what there is left. The tee is perfection; 100% cotton with a sheer effect, slightly long and totally gorgeous. I think it could be a design classic, so as an investment piece, £95 is a good buy. I mean, who would say no to Lara’s lips on their chest?

FizzyT, July 29th, 2011

I can’t imagine that anyone would particularly relish a spell at her Maj’s leisure. However if it were to happen, and if you had a top lawyer to get you off, oh and you didn’t do it in the first place etcetera etcetera, then this could well be the t-shirt you would be wearing for your mugshot. A classic  “Go to Jail”  from family favourite, Monopoly. A masterpiece in the art of irony, it’s almost as if this chap was expecting to be arrested. Surely not!

Similarly, this man has uncannily anticipated how his day was going to turn out. A sense of foreboding, or just a seasoned criminal? Maybe it’s just never a good day for this kind of t-shirt; an “I am totally innocent” might be better?

FizzyT, July 28th, 2011

Maybe one of the first forays into celebrity designing was the Noel Edmonds t-shirt for Kays catalogue, way back in the 80’s. At £4.99, it was a complete bargain, and if you’ve still got one, probably worth a fortune on ebay. These great tidings come courtesy of the University of Worcester, who are putting together a project cataloguing (sorry) the changing styles of  the Kays styles over the past 100 years.

By taking a look at the whole lot, the project aims to track not only changing fashions, but also sizes, prices and all sorts of other fascinating stuff, like what on earth had Cindy from Eastenders done to her teeth!

Sizing and styling has changed so much it’s unbelievable; in the 1960’s sizing began at a 12, whilst hemlines have been going up and down so much over the years, they’re like sartorial yo-yo’s. What’s so fascinating about the project is that Kays  is all about value, you get to see what ordinary people have been wearing over the years, and it’s a rare treat to see some of these choice pieces for the first time.

For me though, it’s the Noel Edmonds t-shirt all the way, so please excuse me while I nip to ebay to see if I can score me one!

FizzyT, July 27th, 2011


Great excitement today as it is announced that the 2012 London Olympics commence exactly a year from now. This time, the pressure is really on, because we’ll look crapper than everif we don’t win anything. Sportsmen and women around the country have a mere twelve months to become the speediest, highest and strongest in the world. Thus it is our patriotic duty to be just a little bit supportive,whilst eating crisps on the sofa watching our brave athletes.

You can expect there to be about as much memorabilia for London 2012 as there was for the Royal Wedding and if you haven’t inundated your house with union jacks by next year in order to show your loyalty then there will be trouble.

I like these  t-shirts, available from the Olympic Museum Collection. Featuring images from the last time we hosted the games, way back in 1948, they are a splendid retro alternative to all the other tees on offer. A nice subtle way of doing the Brit thing, and a £18, not a bead price either. A winner!

FizzyT, July 26th, 2011


I love the t-shirts for sale by kooky design company, graphic designer Kate Moross, together with stylists Damian Collins and Avigail Claire. The concept being that you choose whether you are more melon or whether you veer to the side of lemon, and choose the appropriate t-shirt for your fruity personality. The t-shirts are unisex and mouthwateringly bright and cheerful, and have been seen out and about on the fashion concious for a while now. The difficult question is which one are you, a sweet and juicy melon-y type, or more of a tangy zesty lemon? After much consideration, and hard decision making, I think I’m going for the lemon, melon’s can be a bit too sweet for me sometimes. These have got to be the funnest t-shirts around, and I’m sure a glut of melons and lemons will be around for a while.

FizzyT, July 25th, 2011


I love the soft colours and retro prints on the new Charliegh Co’s summer t-shirts collection. These are t-shirts which look like you’ve owned them forever, with soft muted tones and wonderful graphics, they are the perfect tees to go with you oldest rumpled jeans and an ice cold beer. On their website, they state that their influences include typography, iconic art and minimalism. Their tees showcase a range of really amazing prints, lots of retro styling and designs inspired by the Californian flag. Everything is printed on premium weight cotton and looks like it would last a long time.  A really good t-shirt company and well worth checking out.

FizzyT, July 24th, 2011

Amongst the reams of indistinguishable mass produced pop music and X Factor tosh Amy Winehouse has always stood out as  an incredible talent, both vocally and in her songwriting. The news that she had died yesterday was hardly a surprise, but a huge tragedy nonetheless. Amy has been hailed the forerunner to a host of strong female vocals, such as Lady Gaga and Adele, and the amount of tributes pouring in to express condolences to her family is testament to her popularity.

Although Winehouse has been oft crisistcised for being a dreadful role model, I would beg to differ. Firstly, because she was a singer, not a moral crusader but also because she is a stark reminder to the attention seeking wannabes of how fame and wealth doesn’t always equate with happiness. Oh yeah, and that drugs are bad, of course.

So today’s t-shirt is one I showcased just a few weeks ago, brought out again for a little tribute to a truly fantastic singer. a musical icon with the best beehive in the business!

FizzyT, July 23rd, 2011

Our splendid summer sale is still going as strong as Samson pre dodgy haircut; we have totally cut our prices so that you can have more fun this summer getting your own personal and personalised messages across. One of our most popular items in the children’s clothing range are the Kids organic fair trade t-shirts. We have some very new and innovative ways of personalising them; take a look, they’re the softest, premium weight cotton, soft and pure against skin and ready to put your own message or picture on.

I love the “Keep Calm and Carry On” option. Add your own little slogan, and we do the rest….perfect!

FizzyT, July 22nd, 2011

Classic Jack and White!

Ah, teenagers everywhere are going crazy about the Jack Wills sale. The tell-tale pink and blue stripes are sported the country over by avid devotees of the hippest label in town. Some quite big price reductions too, so take a look at their classic hoodies and t-shirts with retro prints and vintage washes. I love the diverse range of styles at Jack Wills. Whilst there’s the typical studenty hoodie and joggy bottom-wear, there’s also the rather nifty fitted blazer and classic trousers option. Hooray! Something for everyone.

With a lot of sales, you can end up with a heap of stuff you don’t really want, but you can’t really go wrong with some of the basics. If you get in there quick enough, that is!