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FizzyT, June 30th, 2011


All Saints have turned draping into an art form. Sometimes I think they overdo it just a little bit; some items look a tad concertinaed rather than flowing in softly folds of  jersey loveliness. However, they do produce some fine items, and are always worth a look. This one is a very fine vintage style boxy tee. Hence it’s name presumably; Vintage Tee. How marvellous. The t-shirt is an oversized boxy cut, designed to slide off the shoulder. the fabric has been given a so-called “dirty wash” (that sounds almost the same as unwashed, but never mind) with raw edges. Bear in mind that this doesn’t come cheap, it’s £50 which is a lot for a basic tee, but it’s so versatile it might just be worth checking out!

FizzyT, June 29th, 2011

Simple yet Stylish!

Alexa Chung is a bit of a fashion Midas. Anything she’s photographed in is almost guaranteed to fly off the shelves within minutes. Photographed at Glastonbury last week, she was on of the only celebs who looked stunning and stylish and not just desperate for attention (why did you do it Jaime Winstone?). She has her set pieces though: stripes, blazers, peter pan collars, satchels and VERY long, thin legs. Like Kate Moss, she knows what suits her and sticks with it.

I love this Topshop t-shirt which has more than just a nod to Alexa. A great smart /casual t-shirt, it is a really good summer staple. A white tee with a peter pan collar and a bow printed at the neckline. At £18 it’s a total bargain, so go a little Alexa and do a little collar to keep you stylish.

FizzyT, June 28th, 2011

Ain't Misbehaving, honest!

Ah, I remember those summers of my youth. Being from right down south, Newquay was where you headed on a Saturday night, although in the summer it did get quite busy, and there was a bit of a chavalanche in the nightclubs. That’s all part of being young though, isn’t it?

Sadly, the years have not been kind to Newquay. The number of revellers has increased a thousand fold, with it being a popular destination for A’ level parties and random yet wanton drunkenness. Supermarkets do a roaring trade in all things fruity, and the tourist till goes ching ching ching.

Not everyone is happy however. The long suffering residents of the town are fed up with the stream of drunken souls and the pavements  paved with vomit. So in an attempt to crackdown on  yobbish behaviour, t-shirts with obscene slogans and other offensive items will henceforth be confiscated. I think this means that people would rather see naked youths than youths wearing t-shirts saying they would like to be naked. Will this help I wonder?

The difficulty is that Cornwall, having thrived on tourism for years, is now a bit overwhelmed. With less people going abroad due to sharply rising costs, more and more holiday makers are heading south, determined to enjoy themselves. And the hoards of young people are at odds with the retired folk and the families who want a quiet time (although sometimes they’re the worst!).

So here is my t-shirt, highly recommended for beach wear in Newquay and the surrounding area, although I fear it might be banned for being a bit too ironic!

FizzyT, June 27th, 2011

Has a ring, don't you think?

Vogue online today is all about the celebs being stylish at Glastonbury. Kate Moss, festival favourite is described thus “Moss worked festival chic as only she knows how – wearing a pair of snakeskin skinny jeans, Hunter willies, a sharp-shouldered leather jacket and slouchy T-shirt“Hunter WILLIES! Really? I SO hope nobody notices the error and they leave it on their front page. I was laughing for ages. Kate is getting married next week just a stones throw from the T-Shirt Studio headquarters. One hopes she’s not wearing her willies on her wedding day!

Allegedly, Kate and Jamie are asking for some his n’ hers mugs as wedding presents. Always a great gift, and lots of fun to personalise with the brides new name.  Check out our new options too, there’s now so many more ways to create something special and lasting.

FizzyT, June 26th, 2011

What with the number of countries needing a helping hand, and Greece having a bit of a meltdown, you can understand the determination of the Irish government to allay fears of an imminent collapse and a situation akin to the one unfolding in the Mediterranean right now. Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan joked today he is considering ordering t-shirts with “Ireland is not Greece” printed on them. “We won’t give them away, we’ll sell them,” he told reporters, hoping to stave off a nightmare situation, and rescue the markets. With Greece close to defaulting on their debt, Ireland is one of the next in the line of dominoes. I like their style though; humour in the face of adversity….I’d buy one!

FizzyT, June 25th, 2011

Glastonbury is well under way, with most of the revellers swimming in really gloopy mud, with all their gear crusted in the mud of a thousand wellies. Still, it’s all worth it, and with weather reports saying that the weekend is set to be hotter than ever, there’s always hope.

And if you get lucky, then this is THE t-shirt for you, a wonderfully humorous number from the ever inventive Topman. With the music blaring out from all the stages, it might just be easier to communicate by t-shirt. In fact, if you’re doing the festival circuit this summer, this might be the t-shirt you wear again and again. Do wash between festie’s though, or you might find yourself out in the cold!

FizzyT, June 24th, 2011

Twilight actress Ashley Greene, who plays vampire Alice Cullen in the hugely successful films has been spotted coming out of the gym wearing a nifty little slogan t-shirt. Looking extremely toned and healthy, the words “Let them Eat Cake” on her tee is a lovely little piece of irony. Featured in online magazine Glamour, the advice is clear “Make like Ashley Greene and add a cute slogan T to your jersey drawer – whether you’re hitting the beach, meeting friends or even working out, it will DO all the hard fashion work for you!” Isn’t that what we’re always telling you? Nice one Ashley!

FizzyT, June 23rd, 2011

Kitchener Calling!

The latest option in our new range of ways to personalise your t-shirts, mugs, hoodies and other clothing is to put your own variation on the famous Lord Kitchener poster. The original poster was a major piece of recruitment propaganda in the First World War and was credited with encouraging many men to in the fighting. It featured the First Earl Kitchener, or to use his full title, Field Marshall Horatio Herbert Kitchener, a distinguished veteran of many wars and campaigns. Forever immortalised with the words “Your Country needs You Now!”, you can now make the good man command you and yours to do whatever he says.

Simply decide what needs you; the washing up, the pub, the shoe shop, and fill in the spaces. This is the perfect humorous gift for your family friends or even yourself. Have a play and see what phrases you can come up with, the super hi-tech preview will show you exactly how it will come out. So remember….Your T-shirt Design Company Needs You Now!

FizzyT, June 22nd, 2011


Hardcore festival goers are gearing up for Glastonbury which starts this weekend. Already some of the early birds are stomping around in the mud, getting ready for the big kick off. The weather is due to be changeable, as usual, so make sure your festival wear is sturdy and rainproof.

One of the more ingenious items being introduced to the crowd this year is Orange’s sound Charge t-shirt.  By changing the vibrations from the music on-stage into electric charge, this state of the art tee will keep your mobile going all weekend. The fabric of the shirt is manufactured with Piezoelectric film, which acts as a giant microphone for sound. This is converted into enough energy to charge two mobile phones or one smartphone.

Honestly, the idea is fantastic, but if I were you, I’d get your friend to wear the t-shirt, and let them charge your phone. Innovative, definitely, but stylish it ain’t!

FizzyT, June 21st, 2011

Amy Winehouse's Warning!

Saturday’s slightly unusual performance in the Serbian capital of Belgrade by Amy Winehouse  has been shown around the world. Although her management had banned alcohol from all her tour venues, she had evidently found her way into a hotel mini bar that wasn’t locked and done damage to quite a few miniatures. Or maybe she had smoked the little bars of complimentary soap. Whatever. She most definitely wasn’t at her most fabulous, which is pretty fabulous, to be fair. She was more like a pissed person being dragged up to do some karaoke Amy Winehouse number that she didn’t know the words to. Happens to the best of us I’m sure. Although, not being Amy Winehouse actually lessens the expectations. Amy is however at least expected to know the words to her songs. She has now cancelled the rest of her tour dates and will not be accepting payment for the concert.

A lovely little Amy t-shirt caught my eye, which maybe her ideal tee for today. Featuring the songwords “I told you I was trouble”, it seems fairly appropriate. It’s not like she didn’t warn us now, is it!