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FizzyT, March 31st, 2011

For the Stylish Ear!

Only my mother would send me a large red pair of Earbags, which are like little sleeping bags. For ears. They arrived in the post yesterday and when I tried them on, I looked like Mr Spock in disguise or a fairy with a cold. Not all that flattering, and yet just the sort of practical thing my mother is famous for. I just know that the next time it’s cold and I forget a hat, or get a snowball in my ear or the like, my mother will be on the phone, asking me why I wasn’t wearing my earbags. Well, because I don’t want to look like a vulnerable Vulcan, mother, that’s why.

So, I have to store my earbags in the glove compartment of my car, next to the airbags. I know I’ll end up wearing them, and being grudgingly grateful for them; mothers always being right, of course!

FizzyT, March 30th, 2011

Definitely not a polo shirt.

I discovered this lovely brand of polo shirt on Net-a-Porter’s sister (or should that be brother?) site, Mr Porter. “This is not a Polo Shirt” manufacture a great range of  polo shirts actually, so I don’t know why they’re so strenuously pretending that they’re not polo shirts. But maybe it’s a bit of an ironic homage to Magritte and Anya Hindmarch (although not necessarily in that order!). The brand is an offshoot from fashion mavericks Band of Outsiders, so it’s likely that there’s some really deep thinking going on there somewhere.

Anyway, this a really good retro stripe polo shirt, 100% cotton, as you would expect and nice detailing and buttons. It does come in at £135, so what you might well be thinking is “This is not a polo shirt I can afford” in which case the title makes sense. Still, if this is the polo shirt for you, then it is not merely a polo shirt,it’s a phone bill, two tanks of petrol, a train fare to somewhere remote. Yeah, just buy the shirt!

FizzyT, March 29th, 2011

I do love a good old vintage tee. Especially the ones that have been hanging around since the 80’s and have so much sentimental value, they can never be thrown away. The girl in this picture is from the ‘Street Style’ section from Glamour magazine, who just happens to be a model, looks amazing with her vintage t-shirt, tiny shorts, shiny leather trousers and long woolly scarf. I particularly like the finishing touch of the braces with badges on, and of course the whole ensemble is finished off with a massive pair of Doc Martens.

Now, it has to be pointed out that this girl is a model, and is therefore probably going to look pretty good most, if not all, of the time. I think this is highly unfair, however, to be honest, who amongst us is going to want to read a feature called ‘Street Mingers’? Still, time to dig out your vintage tees and hope that you look at least a little bit like some kind of model!

FizzyT, March 28th, 2011

Tots Tee!

Well, the clocks have gone forward, and made today one of the worst Monday mornings so far this year. I’m not sure about having an extra hour daylight, I think a bit more time sleeping would be nicer. It took a while to get started today, with a bit of enforced catalogue browsing during extra coffee time. The summer catalogues are now out in force, and the  paper equivalent of a small tree must have been posted through my letterbox this weekend, all bright and shiny and promising a fine summer. It does make me wonder sometimes, why catalogues for umbrellas and macs aren’t released for summer-wear; so much more likely in this country!

Anyway, here’s one of the finest t-shirts I found during my Monday morning wake up session. A lovely anchor print from kids staples Boden. What I like about this tee is that it can be passed down through the family from boy to girl, without anyone noticing the bit of gender swapping. Now, where’s my extra morning biscuit??

FizzyT, March 27th, 2011

Chillin' Out!

The most beautiful day of the year so far, and time to take a look inside the bar-be-cue to see what’s been hibernating in there over the winter. Usually I just burn everything off and hope for the best, so maybe I don’t want to peer too closely! The novel feeling of actual and genuine sunshine  is so amazing I’m sure it could be calculated that people are up to 15% happier than on a rainy day.

The most appropriate t-shirt for I could find to celebrate the weather is this corker from my favourite slogan store Snorgtees. A great tee that is up to 15% cooler than other t-shirts around, which if you add it together means you could be up to 30% better off in some way!

FizzyT, March 26th, 2011

Eco Tee!

I had an enforced browse in one of those big cheap fashion chains recently. It was very, but very full of excitable young girls, so a bit like being at a budget Bieber concert, but with less fainting. I can honestly say I was too scared to buy anything. Rack upon rack of the brightest, most cheerful clothes, all priced at under a fiver. I went away feeling uneasy about the long line of exploitation that is going on, where the end product is disposable fashion and these girls will wear an item once or twice before it rips or they throw it away.

Whilst cotton is known as “white gold” due to it’s value as a fibre, it is also one of the dirtiest crops around. It is very susceptible to pests, and is very high maintenance. Cotton covers just over 2% of the world’s cultivated land, yet uses 16% of the world’s insecticides. In poorer countries, this figure rises sharply. And because cotton isn’t an edible crop, farmers use more toxic chemicals that they would on something designed for human consumption. This toxicity can be ingested indirectly however, as the chemicals dissolve into the ground, and infect food and water supplies. Also, cattle feed on the cotton byproducts, and become ill. Worst of all, is the plight of the cotton workers themselves; up to 70 die a day, the majority of them children under 14, who are caught up in the vicious circle of debt slavery.

Organic and Fair Trade cotton offers a sustainable crop without the use of chemicals, a decent wage and safe working conditions. A 2 quid garment just can’t be right, so have a think before you buy your next t-shirt.

FizzyT, March 25th, 2011

Every celebrity under the sun these days bring out their own clothing line, perfume and fitness DVD, so the news that Sylvester Stallone is bring out his own special lifestyle brand to the masses should come as no surprise. From hardman roles, restauranteur, director, son to Jacky, Sly’s career has been long and varied, so why not turn his hand to designing in the autumn of his years? Er….well, maybe there’s a couple of good reasons! Apparently, it will be a range based on his characters in the film franchises that made his name, Rocky and Rambo, so you can expect a good deal of man-flesh to be on show.

Sly has, according to American magazine Men’s Week, a lot of experience withwhat men want in terms of fashion “I really believe I have an understanding of the male psyche on all levels.” he says, and even at the age of 64, who would dare to argue with him? But is the world ready for the full body Stallone lifestyle overhaul?

FizzyT, March 24th, 2011

Tea For Two!

The official Royal Loving Cup has just been unveiled, and boy is it a looker. Made in England to a centuries old technique, using a mixture of china clay and bone, the design has been approved by Prince William and Kate Middleton as  not being too minging for them. And not a tea towel. Part of the range produced by the Royal Collection they are a limited edition of 1000 and cost a whopping £125. Still, it is made in England which is a rarity in itself and is beautifully hand painted using layers of gold, platinum, enamel and finished off with a gilding of 22 Carat gold.

If you are going for a souvenir of the Royal Wedding then this is probably the one for you. Although you could get a tea towel much cheaper!

FizzyT, March 23rd, 2011


I saw the most wonderfully wobbly pregnant lady the other day with a big question mark and the word “surprise” printed right over her bump, and it got me wondering what other amusing maternity slogans were out there. I found a a great site, called The Maternity Barn which allows you to create your own bespoke pregnancy wear by choosing a style of t-shirt (albeit of the tent-like variety), background colour and a choice of slogan. Ranging from cute (“Yummy Mummy”), through wry (“Pregnant and having a bad Day”) and finishing up at downright ridiculous (“The condom split!”), the customised maternity t-shirt is a great alternative to trying desperately to look fashionable as you gradually expand more and more.

Check some of these t-shirts out and give your bump a sense of humour!

FizzyT, March 22nd, 2011

climate week t-shirt

Climate Week T-Shirt

What with all the awful things going on in the world right now, you could be forgiven for totally forgetting that this is Climate Week. From the 21st to the 27th March  a whole seven days is being given over to raising awareness about global environmental issues.

The t-shirt being sold to mark this week is designed by print meister Eley Kishimoto and produced by the Environmental Justice Foundation. The t-shirt is available exclusively in Tescos shops or from their online store, and it costs a mere tenner. The idea behind the t-shirt is that it is made totally ethically from organic cotton and powered by solar and wind energy and has a climate neutral value.

The campaign is fronted by Lily Cole, the most beautifully geeky of supermodels. Currently studying art history at Cambridge, she has taken time out to visit the factory manufacturing the t-shirt. As you can see from the film, the t-shirt is organically produced, with the waste water from the manufacturing process recycled instead of being dumped in a nearby river, laden with chemicals and polluting the water for miles around.

Organic cotton is at the heart of any ethical t-shirt process, and produces a lovely soft high quality garment. It’s well worth checking out the difference and thinking about paying a small amount extra to ensure fair employment schemes and a climate neutral garment.