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FizzyT, December 31st, 2010

Clowning Around!

Kate Moss, it seems is branching out. What with winding up her collections for Topshop, she is rumoured to be making an album, buying a B&B by the sea, and even starting her own school for models. Wow, busy girl!

According to the Telegraph (so it’s definitely true ) Kate said “I’m very short and completely lopsided….I think I could open a modelling school” (she didn’t quite say it in that order to be honest). Somehow, I don’t think it would be open to everyone though. I think as much as Kate might be on hand to teach you the important facets of modelling; how to land yourself a rock star boyfriend, how to keep your contracts when you’re spotted snorting stuff, that kind of thing. Even Kate needs something to work with, so you’d only really be accepted if you are well and truly stunning in the first place.

Here’s Kate, showing you how to be versatile. In a collaboration with Swedish designer Lovisa Burfitt, Kate was drawn in various guises; Charlie Chaplin, a court jester and a clown and then printed onto a t-shirt dress.

So, I guess we can’ all be supermodels, but the drawing on a t-shirt. That we can all do! Happy New Year!

FizzyT, December 30th, 2010

Contestant Cher Lloyd was on of the most colourful contestants on the X Factor this year. Although it could be said she peaked a little early (her first audition was amazing) she generated column inches wherever she went. The rap stuff wasn’t entirely to everybody’s taste. But the judges seemed to like it, and her, seeing a new star in the making. And what the judges want, they will surely get.

Cher not only won over the judges. Black Eyed Pea and mate of Cheryl, Will.I.Am raved about her as well. I’ve just read that she’s gone and landed a record deal with Jay-Z, that’s Mr Beyonce to you and me. Wow. Quite impressive for a 17 year old.

Here she is performing to throngs in a t-shirt which reads “Got my swagger in check” bit of a nod to her audition and the accusations in the press that she was a just a teensy weensy little bit arrogant. She’s also sporting a personalised necklace that says “Get Ur Cher On”. She could be a poster girl for TShirt Studio, although all that rapping would drive me slowly insane. Still, well done to her. I bet Matt Cardle’s spitting that he didn’t do some rapping. It’s obviously the way to go.

FizzyT, December 29th, 2010

I’ve never quite worked out what Sean Puff/Daddy/Diddy/Puffy/P Combs is really called, or even what he does, but there’s no denying he’s very successful at whatever it is. Right now, he’s another celebrity having a lovely sunny holiday in the Caribbean with his entourage. Or are those his kids? Never mind, minions of some kind or another. Because that’s what Sean P-Diddy-Puffy-Man does; he has people. And they do it for him. Even if they are little.

He (the Diddy One) is sporting an extremely intriguing t-shirt here. On it is a lovely arty monochrome print of his ex girlfriend Naomi Campbell who I always think of  as having some strange affinity with that lovable wrinkly E.T.  (“N.C. throw phone”). I’m not quite sure of the etiquette of wearing a saucy print of your ex on your t-shirt. Would not your current have words to say about that? I think the Puff is playing with fire.

FizzyT, December 28th, 2010

Beaver Diva!

I just love the sales at Net-a-Porter. Some of the biggest discounts around, and I STILL can’t afford even a finger bit of a fingerless glove. Which they probably don’t sell anyway, being far too stylish for such things. (Net-a-Porter, I mean, not the gloves). Still, I love browsing through their online sales rack, and taking a peep at what I would be buying, if mega squillions meant nothing to me.

Possibly the finest coat ever has to be this squirrel/beaver combo by Fendi. With over 50% off, the price has gone totally nuts (sorry) and is now only £3,500 from a snuggly £7,000. Not only is it a beautiful jacket, the whole squirrel/beaver combo sounds like a particularly tasty cajun burger, and is making my tummy rumble. How amazing is that.

This is definitely the most beautiful investment coat, one to squirrel away,perfect for a bit of beaver diva fever!

FizzyT, December 27th, 2010

I’ve often heard the one about wearing your heart on your sleeve, but with Rihanna’s holiday get up here, she seems to be taking  those anatomy analogies a big step further.

On a Christmas break back home to Barbados this week, (I can almost write that without being too ungracious) singer Rihanna was spotted wearing the sort of swimsuit my granny could only describe as suggestive. Either her panther’s hanging out, or she’s wearing her domestic feline animal on her chest. Both ways, granny would be coughing and spluttering at the thought.

Still, if you’re in Barbados at this time of year, you probably should be letting it all hang out!

FizzyT, December 26th, 2010

I love how at this time of year, the best and worst dressed lists come out in the press. Britney Spears is a stalwart of the worst dressed lists, and judging by this ensemble, it’s not hard to see why. How many “no’s” can we see on one day. Midriff: no. Hat that doesn’t fit: no. Weird bow-tie necklace: definitely no. Off the shoulder t-shirt: no. Cartoon leggings that are so not flattering: ew! Shall I go on? Really? Well, I’m not too sure about the “page 666” slogan either to be honest. Is this some kind of little devil crossed with page 3? The mind boggles!

Poor old Brits, we give her a hard time, don’t we, but the sad thing is, the girl never learns. Still, she provides endless entertainment in a way, which is very kind of her. Now, someone give the girl a dressing gown!

FizzyT, December 25th, 2010

Down the Hatch!

Wow, It’s Christmas Day. Finally! Having been run ragged in the weeks leading to the great unveiling of presents under the already dead tree, I’m surprised I’m still here to share it with you. The day unfolded as so many before. Late night, early morning, long day. Matchsticks holding the eyes open. And A LOT of festive cheer. The festive cheer is essential, mainly for disguising the taste of the dried turkey, but also for masking any unfestive elements in the day.

So  just to serve as a little reminder, lest you wish for a host of singing angels to be holding a rave in your head come Boxing Day, a timely t-shirt to urge you to take a glass of the non festive cheer. I think it’s called pacing yourself. You will thank me, I promise! Merry Christmas!

FizzyT, December 24th, 2010

Not Yummy!

In the best of  dreadfully cheesy Christmas traditions; on a par with George Michael, Band Aid, Slade, and bad crackers (amongst others), the t-shirt for today is an old, old favourite. The timeless reminder to not ever partake of snow which may have  been tampered with is always current and never fails to raise a sly and knowing snigger. So, along with the stocking, the mulled wine, the pass the parcel panetone, and the  dodgy stuffing, out comes the yuletide t-shirt. So raise a glass, then another, and another. And then take ye behind a convenient shrub to make sure you heed the old adage…..Never Eat Yellow Snow!

FizzyT, December 23rd, 2010

Ew! There's an enormous Osborne up your Nose!

Well, the Telegraph have totally descended to the ranks of the News of the World with their cheap entrapment tricks, haven’t they? The hilarious thing is however, that rather like the whole Wikileaks saga, they haven’t exactly given us any great revelations. I’m pretty sure we all knew Cameron was a bit insincere, (er… he’s a politician, isn’t he? ). Added to that, the Coalition, much as I dislike it, is bound to be a bit tetchy at times. But the funniest thing, and surely the least surprising, is that Gideon George Osborne doesn’t know what life is like for ordinary people. No, having a few million in your current account isn’t exactly the norm, I think we can all agree on that.

Today’s marvellous t-shirt was inspired by the beautiful phrase brutally cajoled out of the moth of David Heath, the Leader of the House, who murmured faintly that Osborne “…..had the capacity to get up one’s nose”. A treat for avid photoshoppers everywhere, and the boss’s contribution to the Christmas party (better than his offer of Coronation chicken, anyway!)

FizzyT, December 22nd, 2010

Able Cable?

Oops! Not quite so Able Mr Vincent Cable has gone and put his dancing feet right where his tonsils ought to be. He is now back tracking with the nifty leg work of a pro, and is hot footing it out of Mr Cameron’s office with his tail well and truly lodged between his legs. Having been caught out slagging off both the government and the Rupert Murdoch person, I can’t help but wonder if he should have chosen Dancing on (very thin) Ice for his Christmas Special appearance, rather than Strictly Come Dancing?

So today, for our own TShirt Studio Christmas Special, a lovely Vince Cable t-shirt. I wonder if we should send one to David Cameron for a stocking filler?