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FizzyT, November 30th, 2010

There’s not a lot to say today really. Everyone’s teeth are doing the chattering and those people out ans about who have been brave enough to wear real fur are looking warm yet nervously smug.

The most important thing is getting the layers on, so it’s dig out the thermals and base layers (string vest?) underneath a smattering of normal clothes, a hoodie to keep your head and neck warm and then round it all off with some long lost relative of the musquash family or a fleece-y duvet contraption. Who cares if you can’t move your arms and you move like a dalek, warmth is in!

FizzyT, November 29th, 2010

Good old Gwen Stefani. She was never going to be a straight down the middle Boden type of mum, was she? Her children were always going to be an extension of her quirky uber-glamorous rockabilly style, and here is son Kingston being his mummy’s mini me in cute boy form.

From his hair do, that will have the Boden brigade up in arms, to the nail varnish and the very pert t-shirt slogan that says “Your hysteric needs you” this is one little boy who is very much thinking outside the (dressing up) box.

Whether he will be ripped to shreds for this when he starts school is anyone’s guess. Although if Lady Gaga opened her own talent academy, he’d fit right in!

FizzyT, November 28th, 2010

The real Katie!

I know, I know, I’m seriously in danger of getting obsessed by the X Factor and am turning into a real Wagner bore. It has become a whole social event, Saturday night TV with Strictly, X Factor and now I’m a (minor) Celebrity accompanied by friends, a glass of wine, and the Guardian’s live blog. It seems to have become a bit of a postmodern phenomenon, where streets are deserted as hoardes of folk are glued to the box, wondering what medley of songs Wagner will murder, what shade of orange Cheryl will achieve on the tango chart, and whether Katie will announce “this is the real me (ta-tah)!” yet again.

Hence this week, a little Katie tribute number. The main question is, will the real Katie be saved by the judges once again? And how many real Katies are there, in fact? Is she the first human clone? There certainly were a few dodgy hair dos that brought to mind Dolly the sheep, so maybe I’m onto something  with that one.

FizzyT, November 27th, 2010

suits you sir!

A glance at the online magazine for Men’s Health this month, shows a selection of t-shirts designed to flatter particular body types. This being a magazine about healthy men however, there is one body shape the tees definitely don’t apply to: round.

Nevertheless, here is  advice that a deep v-neck is more suitable for those with a worked out chest, that long sleeves give an illusion of height and that a round neck is pretty good for just about anybody.

Have a flick through our t-shirt ranges and see what is the best t-shirt for you, and then have your own design or image on the front, back or chest and be a stylish, healthy man!

FizzyT, November 26th, 2010

Check out Alexa Chunghere in a printed t-shirt under her dungarees whilst dj-ing at a fabulous launch party for Parisian fashion label Sandro this week. Where Alexa goes, the fashion hoardes avidly follow, so expect to be sporting those dungarees before long. No really, you will be wearing them. Even if they make you look like Heidi, circa 1975.

At least there’s a good t-shirt peeping out from underneath though. Well, there has to be something, I guess, otherwise it would signify a completely different sort of party. and we wouldn’t want that  on these pages now would we? Hooray for modesty covering t-shirts. And…er hooray for dungarees too. Kinda!

FizzyT, November 25th, 2010

It wouldn’t be the first time you may have seen Paris Hilton putting her back into some hardcore scrubbing, but sartorially it’s got to be the worst.

Paris has been carrying out her community sentence after her latest misadventure, aiding the Hollywood Beautification Team do what she does best, make things pretty. But why oh why did she turn up wearing 4 inch heels. They’ll be wrecked, darling! And that t-shirt. It so doesn’t go with either her hair or the paint she’s splattered all over it. What a fashion disaster!

Or is it…….?

Perhaps she’s cleverly personalising her standard issue t-shirt like the fashionista she so so is. Can you imagine a what a t-shirt painted by Paris herself would fetch on ebay? Smart girl, I bet she’ll be wearing a new t-shirt every day and then flogging her custom t-shirts for a hundred quid a pop. Game, set and Paris match!

FizzyT, November 24th, 2010

Lanvin for H&M. Wow!

High Street collaborations are all getting a bit old hat these days. Well, at least they were, until Alber Elbaz of top fashion house Lanvin took on the task of designing a range for H&M and breathed fresh new life into the idea.

The collection was released on Monday amidst great fanfare and parties. Dedicated fashionistas, and canny profiteers got up early to start queueing around the block, hoping to get a master creation which they could then flog on ebay.

Perfectly timed for the christmas party season, the collection is full on glam for both men and ladies. Bold, bright colours, beautiful shoes with big bows and sparkly heels, embellished t-shirts and statement jewellery, it screams opulence, but the price tag is decidedly modest.

Within moments, the collection had sold out, and if you are desperate to own a piece, you will have to fight it out in an online auction; already pieces are changing hands at over double the original retail cost, so coveted it the range.

Still, this really is a match made in fashion heaven, a wonderful tonic for cold winter days and long and even colder nights. Much prettier than a cup of cocoa too!

FizzyT, November 23rd, 2010

All the talk is of THAT dress, the one Kate Middleton was wearing when she announced her engagement to some chap or other. Tesco have been hard at work, rushing off a cheap alternative, and high street bosses are trawling the rails for something that looks vaguely similar to hang in their shop window. The dress, or rather THAT dress, is by ISSA, and the style is sort of dvf for the modern girl. Elegant, fitted, yet casual, and in that shade of blue favoured by queen mums everywhere. I think they call it “royal”

Kate is destined to become a style icon, and everything she wears will be scrutinised by the fashion police, and instantly replicated at a fraction of the price for wannabe princesses.  Anything too flash though and she’ll be for it (who does she think she is?), anything too dowdy and they’ll be shots of William looking into the distance, bored (just like his father). What is a girl to do? Still, I’m sure she’ll have an endless budget and team of stylists to help her on her way to becoming a thoroughly modern princess.

Meanwhile, it’s off to Tesco for the mere mortals of this world, hoping to bag their own prince at the bargain price of £16.99. Bring us a pint of milk while you’re there, will you?

FizzyT, November 22nd, 2010

The Winners!

What is known as the Widdecombe effect is sweeping across reality TV with a vengeance hitherto unbeknown to Saturday night TV. Not only is Ann the bouncing buxom belle of the Ball in Saturday night’s Strictly Come Dancing, but Wagner is clinging onto his place in the X Factor as though Chezza’s tan depended on it. And Gillian McKeith, well if she has to do another bushtucker trial, she’ll probably snap. In half.

So the great British voting public, whilst still hooked by all these shows, is voting with it’s proverbial feet. If the absolute disasters garner votes that other more deserving contestants were due, the schadenfreude is a much bigger part of the entertainment than merely the talent contest side of things, and the programme makers have their noses rubbed in it just a little bit. There can’t be one person in the country who wouldn’t like to see Cowell’s face if he actually had to give Wagner a recording contract. It’s Eddie the Eagle Edwards all over again. But this time, he’s gonna WIN!

So today, a triple whammy on a t-shirt. Keep voting for Ann, Wagner and what’s left of Gillian. Saturday night will be much more fun!

FizzyT, November 21st, 2010

I haven’t actually worked out who the Saturdays are yet. Are they a mish mash of girl band leftovers, made up partly from Sugababes rejects. Were they runners up on X Factor before Jedward became the biggest girl group of recent times? Are they merely another girl group,  heavily hyped, and I’ve totally missed the point of them, because I’m too old and uncool to really care about yet another manufactured group. Well, apart from One Direction, naturally.

Still, even though I don’t know who Mollie from the Saturdays is, I think she looks pretty cracking here. This season’s must have huge furry coat, teamed with circulation killing skinny jeans and a fantastic vintage t-shirt. Very rock chick, very very Kate Moss. Oh and very warm. Time to go and raid grandmother’s attic for some vintage furs and go glamming it up, like the Saturdays.