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FizzyT, September 30th, 2010

Spray on T-shirt!

In the future we’ll all be able to design our own clothes with a flick of a switch. Clothing will be a totally different experience and shopping will become a thing of the past. In the meantime, a little glimpse of the future is being tested by a firm called Fabrican, designed by Manel Torres at Imperial College, London. They have developed a spray on fabric that is a mixture of organic cotton fibres blended with polymers to bind them together and solvents to keep them in their liquid form until they reach your skin.

It goes on a bit like candyfloss, and you can see the fibres mesh together as a garment takes shape in its solid form. Eventually the makers of Fabrican are hoping that everyone will be able to create their own individual garments just using a can of er… stuff.

This has huge potential for the future, not only in terms of fashion and clothing (how useful to be able to spray on a cummerband style strip if your clothes don’t quite meet in the middle) but also for a variety of different purposes, including medical and household wipes, design materials and rather interestingly….nappies!!

In the meantime, however you can still unleash your inner Versace by designing yourself a t-shirt, hoodie or mug, to think of just a few items. Nappies however, we draw the line at!

FizzyT, September 29th, 2010

Alexa Chung is sartorial gold dust these days, she can do absolutely no wrong. From having a coveted Mulberry bag named after her (which not even Kate Moss has achieved) to designing a capsule range to Madewell (offshoot to J Crew) and modelling for Pepe jeans, Alexa keeps on topping those best dressed lists due to her quirky style, long legs and epitome of Britishness-ness.

....and another Alexa alike!

Her range for Madewell has fairly shot off the shelves in the States, proving fashion’s golden girl hasn’t lost her Midas touch yet. Lots of vintage-y dresses, skinny jeans, teeny shorts and t-shirts with artwork by Alexa have the advantage of actually being covetable items of clothing rather than just looking like your average celebrity collaboration. It’s all totally Alexa-like, almost to the point of being freaky. The models look just like her, apart from they have the wrong heads, which is kinda weird. It does prove that she has achieved what other celebrities haven’t quite managed which is to translate their look into a single high street brand. Check it out, and see if you want to be part of the Chung dynasty!

FizzyT, September 28th, 2010

I Win!

You can hardly have missed the news that Ed Miliband has won the Labour leadership contest by a narrow margin. His (slightly better looking) brother is making a big show of not being at all miffed, and pundits are taking bets over whether the siblings will work together (with David being slightly superior whenever anything goes wrong) or if he is going to flounce off in a girly show of annoyance.

Whatever the end result, what better t-shirt to be wearing today than that old favourite, the Supermiliband Brothers? A bit of t-shirt recycling never does go amiss, especially when it’s so topical!

FizzyT, September 27th, 2010

Team Colours!

Having discarded my Ablisa t-shirt into the laundry basket of no return, I am wondering who will emerge as hot contenders this year.

Cheryl, fresh from her bout of Derek Hough malaria is going to be mentoring the girls, whilst Dannii gets to fend off Sharon Osbourne whilst managing the boys. Louis and Simon will be able to holding ploughing matches in the furrows of their foreheads as they get to deal with the over 28’s and the groups respectively.

So, just to get us started, lets have a nice little Team Cher(yl) number. Teenager Cher is one of the hot favourites this year so far, but might just be a bit too squiffy to go all the way. Still, the names fit together to make a nice combination so here’s my diamante X Factor t-shirt. Don’t you love the star quality!

FizzyT, September 26th, 2010

4, and counting?

I can barely believe the latest in the Lindsay Lohan saga. She’s let out of jail, and goes into rehab. Allegations fly around that she’s been tested positive for cocaine again. It’s denied. It’s admitted. Then she goes back to jail. Then she’s let out of jail again after posting $300 000 bail (like she can escape? Just follow the paps!) Now, as if that wasn’t surreal enough, photographs of her snogging Paris Hilton and allegedly injecting heroin have surfaced. This just isn’t her week, is it?

Mugshot #4

Sometimes I wonder if it’s all a Joaquim Pheonix style fake train wreck she’s creating, it’s all so painful to watch, it doesn’t seem real. I do hope this latest mugshot of her will be the last; I can’t believe I’ve now got a set of 4 LiLo mugshot mugs. Although it would make a fabulous gift, and an absolute must for Lindsay fans for Christmas!

FizzyT, September 25th, 2010

Trading standards!

Just the other day, I was gallantly doing my nephew’s homework, which was a project on Fair Trade. “Goody” I thought, we can look at T Shirt Studio’s own Fair Trade organic t-shirts, and use that as the basis of our homework. I must add here, I love doing homework for little people now I’m all grown up, but I was never very keen on it when I was younger.

Anyway, back to the homework. We did find out some amazing facts about cotton. For instance, did you know that cotton attracts a large number of pests, and is the most sprayed crop in the world taking only 3% of cultivated land, it receives 25 % of all insecticides. And cotton farmers in India were taking their own lives because they couldn’t meet their debt payments. They used the chemicals they sprayed their crops with to poison themselves.

Fair Trade ensures that farmers receive a fairer wage for their toil, and working conditions are much better. Child labour and forced labour is prohibited and health and safety measures are introduced.

I’ve posted our t-shirt that we produced for the homework. Fair Trade costs a fraction more than other options but makes an enormous difference.

And not only have i enjoyed doing homework for the first time ever, I think I’ve learnt something too!

FizzyT, September 24th, 2010

I love this printed t-shirt dress that Kylie Minogue is wearing out and about on the streets of London. I say dress, it could be a t-shirt and Kylie is such a little poppet  it looks long on her. Whatever the case, it’s a great look. Featuring a stylised print of one of the original supermodels Christy Turlington, Kylie is keeping her fashion end up as she whizzes around the capital promoting her new album.

Highly artistic pictures look amazing on white t-shirts, or indeed dresses a la Kylie. If you want something a bit longer than a usual tee but don’t want to go down the dress route, try our tank tops. Totally super, dahling!

FizzyT, September 23rd, 2010

Totally Chilled!

I do think that traffic wardens must be so relieved that they’re so far down the list of hated professions these days. Time was that nobody in their right mind would admit to being a traffic warden in public. Nowadays topping the list and way out in front are of course the bankers, with estate agents still firmly at number two.

I read a story in the Telegraph of how parking tickets are being issued in Cambridge Massachusetts with yoga positions printed on them in order to calm people down when they receive a fixed penalty notice. In short the idea is, that by relieving the city from parking congestion, peace and inner harmony will reign supreme and people will be able to move freely once again.

Interesting concept, considering 340 000 tickets are peacefully handed out each year. Whether they are received in a similar manner is  rather unlikely. A parking ticket is a parking ticket however you dress it up as a piece of free flowing traffic happiness.

While I’m along those lines, if yogawear is what you are looking for, maybe to deal with your post yogic parking ticket rage, check out our new tank tops. Just the thing for covering the gap between tops and bottoms. Longer length and fitted, perfect for addressing traffic wardens everywhere!

FizzyT, September 22nd, 2010

Dancing with the Stars is the US  version of Stictly Come Dancing  and has become famous amongst other things, for launching Mel B onto an unsuspecting American audience; who knows if they’ll ever recover? However far more scary than  Scary Spice herself was the massive body of weight loss achieved by Kelly Osbourne last year, although I think she might just eat Dannii Minogue, in which case she’ll put it all back on again. Oh and of course the other notable thing about Dancing with the Stars is that it introduced the nation Cheryl’s probably not love interest, Derek Hough. All in all not bad for a reality TV show.

This year David Hasselhoff was on hand to do a bit of entertaining, but got booted off first, his moves not having impressed much. Still, the Hoff has got a great fan base, from his Knight Rider days and his stint on Baywatch.

I like this t-shirt, a must for any earlier leaver on any reality show, and a nice change from the usual “Don’t Hassel the Hoff” slogan which follows him around!

FizzyT, September 21st, 2010

Fearne Cotton is one of those TV presenters who is everywhere, all the time. This is great if you’re a fan. Otherwise, the curse of the TV presenter is upon you again. I’m quite convinced that when they find someone with boundless, chirp, energy and hair, like Fearne, they stick her on as many programmes as possible until she gets replaced by a newcomer with even more hair and energy. Previous ubiquitous presenters include Carol Vorderman, Davina McCall, Zoe Ball, Holly Willoughby, Gail Porter….the list is tireless. I mean endless!

Fearne is typified by her rock chick style, and her quirky dress sense, and has branched out surprise surprise into designing her own range for Very.

However, along with the likes of Alexa Chung, she has become a bit of a style icon for the youth, rock chick-y market. She has a host of vintage rock t-shirts and retro styles like this Heroes t-shirt which she wears here with jeans and lots of lipstick and glossy hair. Sort of glam rock chick. Love it! Dig out those t-shirts and do a Fearne, while the sun’s still shining!