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FizzyT, August 31st, 2010

The Saturdays are a kind of latter day Spice Girls from what I can gather. They don’t seem to have made much impact, but their publicists are working day and night to conjure up meagre stories about them so they can garner a few column inches. One of the girls was photographed the other day in a t-shirts saying “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” which looked glaringly familiar to me. Katie Price was spotted with the same slogan shortly after splitting up from Peter Andre, causing confused t-shirt decipherers to question whether or not this was a statement or just hopefulness. Interestingly enough, the words actually come from a song lyric from Big and Rich, a country group who released the song in 2004.

This has become a very popular slogan which has given rise to a variety of snowclones (I only just discovered what this meant, and am going to use it on everyone I know to see how long I sound clever for), such as “Save a horse, (Ride an American)”. Possibly a variety of slightly changing t-shirts could be worn every day, just to see if anyone notices or how long it takes them to catch on. Fantastic fun!

FizzyT, August 30th, 2010

Ah well now the new mugshot of Paris Hilton has been released, so it’s only right to place it firmly where it belongs, that is on a mug. Paris, for all her faults, does at least have the prettiest collection of mugshots around. It’s almost as though she were expecting it! If she gets arrested just another 3 times, we could go the whole hog and make a set of 6 mugs, what a treat. That would be the perfect Christmas gift for all Paris fans, wouldn’t it! You could have a matching set of all of her perfumes and you’d be off. Just imagine the fun you could have, guessing the year, the offence and the corresponding perfume, I wonder if Paris has already thought of this, and is quite aware she only has three mugs to go? She is a one woman publicity machine, so don’t be surprised if she goes and launches the Paris Mugshot Mugs herself! But don’t forget you saw it here first!

FizzyT, August 28th, 2010

So Paris has been arrested again has she, how many times is it this year now? So, just as Lindsay Lohan gets out, Paris goes in. I wonder if Lilo has been keeping the bed warm for her. Maybe, they might even coincide if they ever served the full length of their sentences. I have to say, if they were in a cell together, people would pay millions for a fly on the wall show. No, I don’t mean it like that (well not just like that) but to see which one of them is the most narcissistic would be worth watching, and a fabulous social experiment. Can you imagine, Paris performing an actual public service. It’s got to be a better bet than the reported radio show Lilo has been offered with her mum, where she offers callers pieces of her own unique brand of wisdom.

Still, likely as not,  before you can say “empty, vacuous, devoid of charm and filthy rich” she’ll be let out with a soft smile and a little tap on the wrist. But always a good time to remind ourselves of how lovely her mug shot was when it was taken about three years ago. Mugshots featuring unflattering poses of the rich, famous and undeniably priveleged are always a source of mystery to us lot here on planet earth. When you’ve more money than a lot of people put together would earn in a lifetime, is there a particular reason why you would go and blow it all. Although on the other hand, possibly the most unstaged entertainment some of them will ever provide. This lovely pair of mugshots were taken in 2007, with the shot on the right never intended for release. She looks quite chirpy in it, doesn’t she, and great that she had time to do her hair between shots. Maybe she had a stylist on hand?

FizzyT, August 27th, 2010

The last ever Big Brother is drawing to a close. With the final winner in place, some old favourites (the ones who haven’t got anything else coming up in the near future, and whose agents are threatening to quit) are re-entering the house for the final time. Nadia, Makosi and Ulrika meet Nasty Nick, Coolio and that guy from Channel Four racing, in what is an exercise in barrel scraping for the very, very last time. Please say it’s the last, please!

I love this t-shirt that Nasty Nick is wearing.

Back in the first series of Big Brother, his cheating was enough to cause a great big scandal. That was before the producers decided the show was too tame and started turning it more and more into a freak show in a bid to keep those flagging audience figures going. If you’ve never read Ben Elton’s “Dead Famous” then do so now.

Big Brother is anything but a game show. What started as a loosely termed ‘experiment’, descended pretty quickly into voyeuristic trash. Quite funny trash for a while, until it the sound of the barrel scraping overwhelmed the show.

Maybe it will be the end, but I wonder if they’ll find another reason to revive the format. Big Brother: the Resurrection? I’m sure it’ll happen!

FizzyT, August 26th, 2010

Guess Who!

There seems to be an awful lot of hoohah about the fact that Top Gear’s Stig wants to write his autobiography and tell of his time as TV most popular unidentified secret racing driver. The BBC want to take him to court, claiming that he signed a confidentiality agreement, although the Ben Collins has been revealed as being the Stig by the papers so does that even count now anyway?

Personally, I think they’re all taking this way too seriously, and are missing the real point. There is a perfect opportunity for an X Factor style “Hunt the Stig” show. How many applicants would you get for being Top Gear’s Stig? It would be amazing, and you would have TV dynamite if you were to add the magic ingredients of Jeremy Clarkson (Simon Cowell but a bit sharper), James May who could be Louis Walsh, kinda dim but nice and Rickard Hammond, aka the Hamster, ideal in the Cheryl Cole/ Dannii thingey role.

Isn’t this perfect? I can’t think why the BBC haven’t come up with it already. Or maybe they have, and all of this court stuff is merely a smokescreen. Anyway, here is today’s t-shirt: I am Stig. Perfect, I am getting mine right now!

FizzyT, August 25th, 2010


Just hearing the news that Sam Cam had gone and popped early made me go all warm and fuzzy inside. So, to celebrate this momentous occasion, I thought I’d find a few nice little baby t-shirts and/or baby grows for the newest little addition to the Cameron clan.

Whilst one of my very favourite slogans for babywear is the old one of “I’ve just spent 9 months inside”, I did find a website called “Dribble Factory” which has a selection of cracking slogans for a range of baby items, from long sleeved t-shirts to bibs and bodysuits. I love the “I broke it, so sue me” slogan, but my mega favourite has to be the father and baby “I heart boobies” twin pack. Kinda funny and gross at the same time. The “Evil Dictator” t-shirt would be fitting for quite a few toddlers, and you might need to find parents with a good sense of humour to appreciate the “I blame the parents” option.

I am so evil!

But what would be the most suitable for the Camerons? Oh, it has to be an “I agree with Nick” t-shirt, no question!

FizzyT, August 24th, 2010

Hands and feet off!

The summer holidays are beginning to wind down and the return to school is looming. This has the dual effect of being a source of joy to bored kids and parents everywhere, whilst on the other hand the organisation of stuff to go back with has the promise of being a real nightmare.

Not only do children’s feet, hair and fingernails grow unchecked throughout the summer; school uniform shrinks, P.E. kit goes mouldy in it’s bag and swimming kits festers inside a manky towel of dubious origin.

Help is at hand however (of course it is, otherwise I wouldn’t be detailing this litany of horrors!). Our personalised fluffy towels are one less job to sort out. Proving to be the most popular are the bath towels, perfect for swimming lessons. We offer a range of colours for both the towels themselves and the embroidered text thereon. (Check out the colour range, it’s amazing!) Niftily, you can fit a whole name onto the towels, meaning your child, teenager, sweaty husband etc can be sure they get their own towel, and noone else’s. And because the writing is nice and big, they should be able to spot which on is theirs even with chlorine eyes.

So there you are. One less hour of name taping, sore eyes and mouldy towel hunting. One more hour to enjoy a restorative glass of something tasty. Hooray!

On the other hand, the toenails are all yours!

FizzyT, August 23rd, 2010

What’s a festival without a drove of celebrities squeezing themselves into the VIP area in front of the cameras? Actually, I don’t know the answer to that, if there indeed is one. But V Festival seems to have spawned even more photo opportunities than even the mega popular Gastonbury this year.

Alexa Chung must spend her entire life festival hopping, she has overtaken Kate Moss as the most ubiquitous festival queen.  Here she is, again, wearing a Curt Cobain t-shirt, with a granny chic cardigan and teeny shorts. Glamour magazine pointed out to me that this look is actually getting a bit boring on Alexa these days, and although I hate to admit it, I think I might agree. It’s kinda getting to the point where you start to think, ‘Yes Alexa, you’ve got long legs. We know. Also, you’re a bit boring. Anything else?’

Still, Alexa was totally outmanoeuvred in the fashion stakes by the lovely Ron Weasely from Harry Potter, aka Rupert Grint. Wearing a ducks head he managed to keep himself dry and look hilarious at the same time. I say hilarious, I’m being kind of course.

Quacky go lucky

But that’s just all the fun of the festival. Shame it started raining. Hopefully, those seasoned festival goers will be well prepared. And Rupert can just whip out the rest of his duck costume and start swimming!

FizzyT, August 22nd, 2010

Browsing through the photos of V Festival this weekend, it seems as though there’s still more than a whiff of summer left in the air. This is the 15th anniversary of one of the most popular of festivals featuring performances by Kings of Leon, Florence and the Machine, Kasabian, Paul Weller and the nation’s favourite bachelor Peter Andre, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Festival gear (I mean of the clothing variety, obviously!) has been tried and tested throughout the summer months, with the essential layering of vintage rock t-shirts, shirts and macs. Footwear is the mandatory wellies accessorised with plenty of carrier bags for provisions and soggy clothes.

Stomping around a muddy festival ground seems to me to be a most British pursuit, a bit like cricket. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking of Californian festivals like Coachella where it’s bound to be sunny.

Still, here we are, eeking out the last of the summer sun. I hope it lasts!

FizzyT, August 21st, 2010

No Tips Please!

It seems that there is a new copycat craze sweeping the country, that of Robin Reliant tipping. Taking their cue from a Top Gear episode in which Jeremy Clarkson drives a Reliant around the track, tipping it over on the corners, bored youths all over the country are abusing the cherished three wheelers, without the slightest consideration for the great history it entails.

Although this story has more than a little bit of  humour in it, the thought of Reliants nationwide suffering the same fate is far too dreadful to comprehend. The charming vehicle, beloved of Rodney and Del Boy and er… many others,  is far too special, far too precious, and to be serious for a nanosecond, a reminder of how cars became available to the masses at very reasonable prices.

Hence today’s t-shirt is in defence of the Robin Reliant, a great British Institution. Long may they stand upright!