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FizzyT, July 31st, 2010

Amidst a whole lot of controversy and spangles, Katie Price has been promoting her new book, Paradise. You might have thought she wouldn’t have time to write all of these books, and er…yeah…. I guess you’d be right, but I can’t really see that bothering anyone who buys it, can you? Price, who could run advanced degree courses on how to self publicise, is slightly better known for her celebrity ubiquitousness than any actual achievements in the literary world.

However, I would so love it if some of the Booker Prize nominees would turn up to a book signing wearing a sparkly version of their sparkly book on their enormous chests a la Katie. It has got to be one of the best pieces of clothing I have ever seen, the personalised sequin tutu. Everyone will want one, and Katie Price will once again prove that not only is she having the last laugh,  it is taking her all the way to the bank!

FizzyT, July 30th, 2010

Don't do as I do!

It did occur to me, that as the summer holidays loom incessantly ahead of us, there might be just one or two parents with enough energy left to maintain a sense of humour, who might find this t-shirt grimly amusing.

Although for others it might be just a smidgen too close to the truth for little Johnny to be seen wearing as he smites all his friends over the head once again with that wooden sword he trantrumed his parents into getting on yesterday’s phenomenally expensive day out.

I did see a lovely round child in a t-shirt today that said “I Love Pies” on the front, which I thought was very amusing as he obviously did. And then I came across this little gem from the hilarious Snorg Tees. Although it’s meant for adults, the slogan works brilliantly on those little tearaways who think life should be lived to the max, 24 hours a day, so this t-shirt is for the parents of boys, who will of course, be boys!

FizzyT, July 29th, 2010

Getting hot under the (dog) collar!

If you thought Angelina Jolie had always been the earth mother planet saving type then you must have been living under a stone for a lot longer than is good for you.

Back in the day she was a regular wild child, getting married with vials of blood around her neck (well, bouquets can be expensive and maybe she has hayfever, poor love), stories of female lovers (right, like anyone’s complaining about that!) and other tales of the sort of delinquency that quite fankly makes it a bit disappointing that Miss Jolie has gone on to become an Oscar winning actress, mother of 6, UN Ambassador, humanitarian and bit of fluff to Brad Pitt, now beardless and once again vying for title of hottest being on the planet. Brad, not Angelina; the beard bit anyway.

Now, just as she is busy promoting her new film Salt, stories of her outrageous past have once again surfaced, partly due to “biographer” Andrew Morton bringing out a tell all book about the star, and the obligatory photos of Angelina with nipple tape, blindfolded and smoking what is alleged to be heroin. All sounds a bit like a Lady Gaga video to me. Still it’s a non scandal made in t-shirt heaven, and oh boy did the boss have fun researching this one!

Check out the t-shirt we’re calling “The Angelina” hot huh?

FizzyT, July 28th, 2010

I should probably be arrested, the amount of times I’ve stared at people’s t-shirts, trying to grapple with what’s written on their chests. Some of them, quite literally jump out and hit you in the face, others take a little while to get to grips with. As it is, the odd stare and slap does come my way, although it’s hardly surprising, even my perfectly innocent explaination sounds quite dodgy thinking about it.

Luckily, these brilliantly nerdy slogans weren’t emblazoned across a real person’s t-shirt, but on a website I read whilst hidden behind the forgiving glare of my lap top, so no-one slapped me whilst I was chortling at them. American site Snorg Tees has a great line in nerdy but funny t-shirt like this little mathematical number which says “Get Real: Be Rational”

Shirted Nerd!

Or how about this?

Shirty and Nerdy!

But my favourite and not really nerdy at all (sorry Mr Bunny) has so got to be this:

Easter is a bad time for rabbits!

And finally, the answer to the eternal question that has baffled many an expert for years; which came first?

After you, dear!

FizzyT, July 27th, 2010

That Katie Price is one tough cookie. Having bounced back already from her disastrous attempt at a pop career (again), she’s forging ahead with her newest venture, whatever that is; probably a new perfume or book or husband. Current husband, cage fighter and all round macho guy Alex Reid is struggling to prove he’s the one with the trousers in the top celeb relationship. The fact that he’s often seen dressing as a woman hasn’t 100% helped to be honest, but when you’re married to Katie Price, being a tough guy cage fighter broken nose type probably isn’t good enough. Pah! She has them for breakfast and spits their little toes out when she’s had enough. Alex said this week ‘People have been saying I come across as henpecked in our show Katie & Alex: For Better, For Worse, and that is fine – I guess I am! But the important thing is, it’s only when I want to be – I allow Katie to do it!‘ Bless!


So, a little quote for Alex today, and for the henpecked everywhere. Wear it on your t-shirt if your trousers have been purloined by your partner or inscribe it on your mug to look at while you sit in your shed, trembling!

FizzyT, July 26th, 2010

Bling a Ling!

Whilst upgrading, re-jigging and ubercooling our website, the boss decided that we needed a bit more shininess in our hearts and on our t-shirts. So along with the sparkliness that is rhinestone, we have cleverly added a new selection of colours of the metallic and fluorescent variety. (I say we, it wasn’t me really but I am always happy to take the credit for the clever stuff!)

One of my favourites is the gold font available in text on our t-shirts. As the price of real gold is sky rocketing to ever higher amounts, it’s nice to display a bit of the old bling that you can afford.

As for the shininess in our hearts, the boss kindly addressed that too. Well, he put the kettle on, which I guess counts!

FizzyT, July 25th, 2010

I must confess I do enjoying flicking through those pictures of real people that appear in fashion magazines like Vogue and Grazia where they go out and snap random people out and about. The fact that they are always selective, in that there are an awfully high proportion of models compared to mortals and no one ever looks less than marvellous is by the by. I found these pictures in this month’s Vogue, and they all show people who are having lots of fun with their t-shirts.

First off, a t-shirt that has been chopped into a cut off worn under a shirt, and teamed with high waisted shorts. Easy to do and a good way of extending the life of your t-shirt.

Next up, the Vogue photographer happened upon the beautiful Jelena, a model, naturally. Her t-shirt has also been customised, but quite well, and unless you are the fashion studenty type, this might be a bit beyond you. Looks fab tho!


Canadian model Coco Rocha, is showing Vogue what she wears every day for a month. I love this shot of her wearing one of her husband’s old t-shirts which he wears for painting in (I can’t work out whether he’s an artist or a decorator). So this is my final custom tip. Paint splats. Easy peasy and will give you an air of authentic designer artisty-type.

Anyway, they’re all in style bible Vogue which means they must be good. So have fun splodging, chopping and stitching and see what happens to your t-shirts.

FizzyT, July 24th, 2010

Maybe I’m being slower than usual, which is about the speed of a drunken slug, but I’m sure I haven’t noticed all that many t-shirt articles in the press until now. This year, almost everywhere I click has another piece on the importance of the t-shirt in fashion. This could be down to a lot of things. Firstly, like I said, I’m pretty slow, and maybe I haven’t been reading enough, or have only just learned to read, or maybe the t-shirt is really coming into it’s own as a piece of fashion individuality. The Observer this week had a lovely selection of women’s t-shirts for summer, and although there were some great pieces, I did think that they were almost all achievable with a few photos and a bit of TShirt Studio technology. What’s great about t-shirts, is that for a fairly small outlay, you can totally customise and individualise your own outfit, which makes it a great way to update constantly and keep ahead of the game.

I love this t-shirt with a photograph of the young River Pheonix. A very striking black and white image, it goes really well on this long t-shirt from Alpha60 for £50. Time to see what you can come up with!

FizzyT, July 23rd, 2010

Mr Mug

Thanks to the lovely Miss Lohan and Mr Gibson and their highly entertaining antics of late which have provided us with almost as much  excitement than some of their films, the copyright free domain of the LAPD mugshot is proving a t-shirt design goldmine. Every tape that has been released containing Mel’s rants has heralded another surge in demand for slogan mugs, mousemats and t-shirts.

Mrs Mug

The same with Lindsay. although she has spent just a small amount of time behind bars, her fame is so widespread it’s incredible. So, today a lovely Linds and Mel Pair of Mugshot Mugs. Ideal as a gift for your loved one, or for your desk for storing vital cafeine brews. Isn’t that just the cutest idea?

FizzyT, July 21st, 2010

Unless you’ve been having an extended vacation on the planet Zog, you wouldn’t have missed the unfolding saga of Lindsay Lohan’s jail sentence. Sentenced to 90 days in a peaceful wing of a Los Angeles jail, Lindsay will probably only have to serve a smidgen of her sentence due to overcrowding and stuff.

Lindsay’s second mug shot was released today, and it looks as though she’s gone for a little collagen boost to her lips. Smart girl that. Knowing she wouldn’t be photographed for a few days, she wanted the one shot of her that would be circulating for days and days to look hot. Golly, how the police camera loves her.

Now, none of this would be all that exciting, if it weren’t for the most amazing t-shirts that have been circulating “Free Lindsay” ones were odd enough, showing indeed that La Lohan still has a large fan base. But what about this? Some dude spotted wearing a t-shirt with the utterly brilliant slogan “Linnocent” printed on it, along with a picture of said mug shot. As though she were a repressed political prisoner. Wow! Power to Lindsay, for galvanising the masses. Sad thing is, I might have to make one for myself, for ironic purposes only you understand.