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FizzyT, February 28th, 2010

I fear the pixie-esque Lily Allen is in serious danger of becoming a serial quitter. More often than not she is in the papers for that which she is about to stop doing rather than that she is actually doing, or is about to do. Not so long ago, Lily quit twitter as the technological overload had become too much for her. Then she came back to twitter to tell everyone she was going to quit it again. Now she’s quit music and gone into vintage fashion, although she seems to have quit quitting music temporarily (despite the Brit) in order to play at the Wireless festival in July.

But then she will quit again. I’m beginning to wonder, much as I enjoy Lily and her antics, if this isn’t becoming a tad exhausting. Maybe she could just try quitting quitting, and give us all a break!

FizzyT, February 27th, 2010

Call me a horrible old cynic, but I can’t help feeling a little nauseous whenever I read about an ageing planet-saving rock-star, receding in both hairline and likeability and expanding only in number of Italian villas. The latest to make me grind my molars to a fine powder is Sting; once throaty voiced, earnest, and shagging for 32 hour stints, and now….well none of the above. As reported in the Guardian,  Sting was recently paid a million big ones  to play a concert in dictator-controlled Uzbekistan, tickets for which cost a whopping 45 times the national monthly wage.  Now, whilst Sting can play wherever he likes, and hey, I’m sure he needs the money, the tantric tarzan has tried to weasel out of it by saying he thought his concert was backed by UNICEF. Ooooo.To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman ‘Big big mistake’ Cue lots of phone calls to UNICEF, who are ‘quite surprised’ by this interesting statement. Why in the name of all that is eco-friendly would they back a concert for a dictator who uses child slavery and sells women as prostitutes against their knowledge?

Sting, it must be said, has been left with egg all over his tanned-by-the-Tuscan-sun face. But the point to all of this lies, as you might have guessed, in the t-shirt. The pristine white of his fitted t-shirt is in stark contrast to the shady grey of his morals. And there, as I have been dying to point out  all along is the sting in the tail!

FizzyT, February 26th, 2010

Charity t-shirts are a fab way of making money fast. And asking designers and/or celebrities to create their own motif  and customise their t-shirt is a sure fire way of getting maximum exposure. For the consumer, along with donating money for a worthwhile cause, a little piece of a designer whose prices are usually far beyond the reach of  mere mortals is on offer. It’s a win win situation, and could explain why so many charities are into t-shirt printing in a XXXL way.

Handy T-shirt!

Handy T-shirt!

Leading charity, Women for Women International, who help support women in countries ravaged by war and conflict have teamed up with Harpers Bazaar and persuaded a selection of designers to put their sartorial paw mark on a t-shirt to coincide with International Women’s Day. Some great designs here from a variety of British style heros including Betty Jackson, Nicole Farhi and Bella Freud. Also a contribution from Sienna Miller, keen to make her mark on the fashion world for something more susbstantial that the wispy boho look for which she is credited, poor mite!

Some great designs here, and at £30.00, probably the cheapest thing you’ll be able to buy from Net-a-Porter.

FizzyT, February 25th, 2010

My Team!

My Team!

Recently, here at Tshirt Studio, we have had a bit of a rush on customised t-shirts of the diamanté variety. Whilst t-shirt printing is a hugely popular way to produce individually customised garments, our service offering sparkley-wear, as I like to think of it, is taking off in a big way. Diamanté ‘Team Andre’  t-shirts are literally flying off the shelves. Not only are they glitzy and lovely in their own special way, there is also a huge bling element that I think Jordan herself would appreciate (even if she wasn’t quite such a fan of the content matter!).

Somehow, I doubt that there will now be the same kind of rush on for ‘Team Ashley’ t-shirts; I think he has been totally eclipsed by his angelic missus. I can see, however, a spate of Cheryl merchandising, or anti-Ashley slogans. That’s the great thing about t-shirt printing, you have the power to make your own statement; however popular or unpopular that may be!

FizzyT, February 24th, 2010

What with our esteemed politicians wives Samcam and SahBrow battling it out for the title of ‘Who can wear the most British Designers at Once thus giving our Husbands a very Important Political Boost at a Much Needed Time’, you might be forgiven for forgetting what an incredibly vital showcase for homegrown talent London Fashion Week is. Trends will be harvested like Kenyan beans and filtered down to the high street, fashion careers will be cemented or cemetried (I just made that word up if you were thinking it doesn’t exist), and lots and lots of celebrities will be hogging the front row seats trying to enhance their fashion credentials. (Check out MaryKate n’ Ashley Olsen hiding rather ostentatiously behind their big big sunnies in a ‘look at us, we’re serious designers’ manoeuvre )

Hey ho, one of my favourite pieces of the week came from Paul Smith, who was obviously inspired by my granny’s tea cosy. Bless.

FizzyT, February 23rd, 2010

Madonna has proved herself to be quite a stayer throughout her career, constantly choosing the right people to work with, and style-wise she’s pretty on the ball too. She regularly appears in t-shirts by innovative designer Christian Audigier for Ed Hardy, whose designs are based on tattoos and are edgy and out there. The colours are bright and bold and they scream attitude, which is pretty appropriate for the long reigning queen of pop.



They are pretty amazing, but if you wanted to have a go at making your own, then t-shirt printing is the answer. I have put my own tattoo of choice on a t-shirt, it’s a lot cheaper and doesn’t have to come all the way from the States.

Another tattoo-tastic-t-shirt!

Another tattoo-tastic-t-shirt!

FizzyT, February 22nd, 2010

One of the great things about t-shirt printing is that you are able to express yourself in the way you want. It’s like your own fashion statement, as you can see on a daily basis if you look closely at what people are wearing. Take dear Cheryl Cole, for example. Whilst her expression may be fixed in perpetual smile-o-tastic grimace of late, her t-shirt is telling a different story. In the past few years, t-shirt printing has really taken off, with everyone’s take on fashion being more individual than ever. And the printing techniques have got better and better. Why not get it off your chest, whilst keeping it on your chest, and tell everyone what’s on your mind!

FizzyT, February 20th, 2010

The Winner!

The Winner!

As a little homage to a great weekend in Poland recently, I went on a search for a bit of a souvenir t-shirt. Now I was thinking of putting a photo onto a mug to sit on my desk (with all the other mugs that sit there, waiting for refills), but then I went off on one of those kitsch t-shirt moments and wondered if I could find something traditional and full on naff. What I didn’t expect was the amusment value provided by the t-shirt wearers on Zazzle. There was the man model with the moobs, the dodgy goatee, the mullet machine, and this one very fascinating t-shirt about a Beer Pong champion. I’m sure that is just something which isn’t translating very well. Er………

FizzyT, February 19th, 2010

For someone who always looks perfectly groomed, Cheryl Cole’s t-shirt girl by Beatrice Boyle surely looks as though she could do with a little TLC. Is Chezza giving a glimpse of  her inner turmoil here?Is she in fact showing us how torn up she is over the latest allegations  that Ashley isn’t the boy next door we all didn’t take him for? Or has someone taken an unkind photo of bandmate Sarah Harding after a night on the lash and put it on a t-shirt? Whatever the subject matter, I have to say I quite like the contrast of butter wouldn’t melt Little Miss Perfect and the girl on her chest, who is looking a mite worse for wear, and a lot rougher around the edges. Do you think this could be the start of Chezza being deep? Maybe she is developing a Dorian Grey complex, whereby everything that happens to her will take place on her t-shirt whilst she still flashes her picture perfect smile and tosses her hair extensions. If her next fashion statement features a picture of a pair of trousers with the crotch cut out, you’ll know I’m right!

FizzyT, February 17th, 2010



When the rather eccentric , but utterly lovely Lady Gaga burst onto the scene over a year ago, I couldn’t help but wonder if she had ever looked in a mirror, or if she was having a permanent run- in with the craft cupboard.

Merely refering to her as a quirky dresser would be like calling Piers Morgan only ever so slightly annoying. She has raised the bar on shock value so much, that those poor little teeny popsters like the Saturdays can’t gather column inches any more simply by wearing a pair of all-over tights on top of their undies. In fact, flauting one’s (plastic?) bits has become totally passe in the face of  her Kermit the Frog ensemble or the Hello Kitty full length ball gown. My must have toy is the Lady Gaga Barbie, made by Lu Wei Kang from Beijing, who has lovingly created a bonsai selection of the house of Gaga’s finest pieces.How cute. I want them now!